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Operation Flashpont 2: Dragon Rising

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  • I've been following the news of this game for a good long while now, and a couple hours ago i pre-ordered it at gamestop (even though it comes out tomorrow[I'm procrastinative]) just so i can get that extra mission.


    Anywhoo, i am wondering on how many people are planning on/have buying/bought it. The game seems to have been under the radar somewhat, thanks to those arcadish military shooters that are coming out soon *cough*MW2*cough*.


    So, have you bought it? Planning on it? Know what the game i'm talking about even is? Let me know.

  • This title got too over shadowed in my wish list recently but luckily I remembered a few days ago so I'll be picking up a copy this afternoon. Went yesterday but Gamestop said they didn't arrive till wed. I was a huge fan of the original way back for PC. I'll get back to you later today.

  • This should have gone in General Gaming since it's a multi-platform release.

    I'm not back! P.S. Blade still sucks. Also, Gamefreaks cannot compete with my love for Zelda!

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