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cell power??? a myth??

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  • The raw power of a machine has less to do with how well a game looks than you might think.  Utilizing all that power to produce more sophisticated graphics is not a given, but rather requires a great deal of experimentation and technical expertise.  That's why, over the course of a system's life span, the games tend to look better and better, as developers gather more and more experience working with the hardware.  

    The result, of course, is that games never look as good as they theoretically might given the power of their components.

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  • i completely agree. I'm sorry I made it look as if games is all about look's, I meant all together as your saying. IT DOES TAKE TIME I KNOW but years into it....why don't they have such powerful and functioning games like the Xbox 360. Why do you think I do not own a PS3?? The Xbox 360 is technically using an hd-dvd....its called a dvd now since toshiba lost the format war but the Xbox 360 still uses it. I has at maximum 15 gigs of storage on one side and yet it proves to look, feel, and play incredible with a weaker engine and smaller storage on the disc, but the Playstation 3 with powerful engine and [omg] such a MASSIVE storage on that Blu-ray disc doesnt out perform it's competition. I'm a microsoft fanatic so I'm ok with this, but still....the Sony I grew up with....to me...is slowly losing it"s flare. All muscle and no show.

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  • Take a look at Uncharted. That's one of the best looking games (and smoothest running) you'll find for a while.

  • The Xbox 360 does not use HD-DVDs; it uses standard DVD-9's. The HD-DVD add-on was simply used for movies.

    Despite all the marketing hub-bub, the 360 and PS3 are really about equal in terms of raw power. Honestly, just take a look at the specs.

    As for Uncharted, it's a great looking game(not the best I've seen; that goes to Gears 2), but as for smoothest running, I'd have to disagree. The game's textures pop-in quite a bit for me, and there have been numerous hiccups.

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  • Nope. It comes down to a lot of things. I'll focus on the largest factor and then worm my way down. The quick and easy answer:

    Just look at exclusive games to show you what the PS3 can do.

    Most multi-platform games start their lives as 360 games. They're designed to be ported to the PS3, and because of they'll show off the difference between a PS3 and a 360 that way.

    The two systems have different hardware architectures. That means both systems can have similar capabilities, but they have to be used in different ways. The processors between the two systems are similar, GI got the scoop on that month's ago from IBM. Both systems have different gpu's, the actual device that handle's much of the graphical work that you see on-screen. That means effects, resolution, models, etc.. They both have 512 MB's of ram. The 360's is in one spot (there's actually 10 meg's on the pu, but oh well), the PS3's is split in in two equal part of 256 megs for both main system memory and the gpu.

    The numbers may add up, but in the end it means that people are accessing and doing things in very different ways for both systems to achieve the same or similar effects. Then you have to look at the storage. Both have hdd's, but each system has its' own standards for use. PS3 games can fall back on forced hdd installs and allow for caching to the drive for the game to be playable. 360 games all have to be playable without a hdd, which means that mandatory hdd caching isn't allowed. That would give a few devs less incentive to add that feature if they can get the game running properly from just the disc. Games can be installed directly to the hdd to increase load times and keep the game at the same or quicker speeeds with the notable exception of Halo  which uses a special streaming method that doesn't allow for the game to play at an equal level in comparison to disc streaming.  

    The 360 use's dvd's, the PS3 uses blu-ray discs. DVD's aren't always streaming at max speed, nor at a steady speed, while blu-ray discs do. They also have different transfer rates and many other things that can help mean the difference between Niko getting hit by a car suddenly appearing and Niko stealing a sweet ride.

    Think of the difference this way. Most comedy pieces will have the most humor in its' original language. Through proper translation the joke can maintain the same meaning and amount of humor. If there isn't much work placed in the translation then the comedy could lose everything that makes it funny or be unintenionally funny due to a bad translation. In example, "All Your Base Are Belong To Us." - Zero Wing. That's completely unintentional. It wasn't meant to be funny. Fat naked man saying "they don't understand the beauty of ME!" - Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. Dead funny. It's not a direct comparison, but it should get the point across.

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  • It can't be a standard dvd since dvd's can only be upconverted....they cant with hold full high def content. I agree bout the texture pop ups though big time. Smooth is the new forza motorsports 3. Honestly I was shocked and Im and Forza fan and that was unbelievable. Sonys Granturismo....THE REASON WHY I GOT INTO RACING....is another sad story now. I, my friends, and game reviews agree with me. I wish i were wrong

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  • DVD's can hold high def content. It's just that with the size of movie's you'd hav to switch discs part way because of the length. It would be impractical to place high def tv shows on dvd's because the disc count would be anywhere from double to  about sven times the amount depending upon the content on the disc. Is it true 1080p content? What kind of sound is being used? are there commentaries, factoids and other crap?

    DVD's are storage, they just hold the data. The upconversion you're speaking of is upconverting enhanced def content to a high def level picture. Video's can't be remade on the fly in a higher resolution. Games can. The reasonthey can be is because nearly everything in a game is being made by the machine it's being played on. Plus, games canbe upconverted if they're being emulated. Xbox and PS2 gamews can be upconverted to higher resolutions on the PS3 and 360. Those games weren't developed for higher resolutions nor for the ability to play in higher resolutions. That's why they're emulated on their successors and upconverted. They don't use high def native resolutions.

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  • you got me there srkelley i forgot about emulation. completely forgot. well leason learned about dvd's then.  but we still need to figure out why the playstation 3 is no being completely used to its full ability. It kills me even though i dont have one. Its like having a car and going 20 miles per hour because the bicycle next to you is doing 20

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