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Longing for a good Fantasy RPG

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  • Well if you like Final Fantasy then you might like Kingdom Hearts it has similar aspects to a final fantasy game and has characters from final fantasy in there. Though if you want a good game with similar gameplay to that of those games White Knight Chronicles is somewhat similar though it's more similar to Final Fantasy 12 if you've ever played that though if you do get White Knight Chronicles the online aspect is shut down so you can't play with friends like you originally could but other wise it's a good game

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  • Ni No Kuni was nice.  Dragon's Crown got good ratings although it looks more like a hack'n slash rpg.  I agree with Klaxus on Kingdom Hearts... its a great RPG with great story and character development.  You can get the 1.5 Remix for a good price on the PS3.  The sequel remix should be coming early 2014.

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