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** LOCKED ** Top 10 games owned or wanted

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  • post top 10 NOW!


    Hello Roxson Miller, and welcome to the forums.


    We already have a ton of "Top 10" threads including this one

    Please use the search box next time before creating a duplicate thread. Your forum results will be under "Discussions." We do this on GIO to avoid clutter.

    Also, take the time to read the rules and Blade's Guide to the Forums.


    Other than that, I hope you enjoy your stay on the GI Forums :-)

    - J-Pow


  • Hey Roxson, welcome to GIO  : )

    There are threads made for listing and discussing your favorite games and games you're looking forward to.

    For the part we stick to one thread per topic here on GIO, to keep things organized and avoid clutter. Please feel free to re-post in the original thread. In the future, please use the "find something" box at the top right of the screen to search for a thread already made about your topic before making a new one. Also, please check out Blade's Guide to the Forums for some helpful advice on posting here. Thanks  : )

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