A bit of backstory:

I've noticed lately my PS3 has been acting up. I've had this particular PS3 for a few years, since my PS3 fatty croaked (didn't realize at the time running PS2 games was really hard on the old girl). Anyway, A few months ago, I was playing Yakuza Dead Souls, then turned off the PS3, it got stuck in a green light flickering, and wouldn't shut down, green light kept flashing for over half an hour. Had to manually unplug it (it's a slim, no power switch in back). This corrupted the disk drive, and had to reformat it.

All was fine until tonight I popped in Saints Row 4, the game froze (I expected that as, I've read articles stating the game is currently very buggy). I turned it off, back on and it froze on the PS3 logo screen.  Frustrated, I turned it off and back on, it yelled at me for it freezing and being forced to turn off. It asked to scan the drive, and found no errors and restarted automatically, then froze once again on the PS3 logo screen. This time after turning it off I let it sit for about n hour, thinking maybe it needed to cool off (I hadn't had it on for long, maybe an hour or less).
When I booted it back up it did the same thing, yelled at me, checked the drive, and froze on startup. I tried once more then decided I'd reformat if it acted up again, this time it worked, and did not freeze on startup.

Currently I'm staring at the XMB wondering if this is a hard drive error, or the PS3 itself planning to kick the bucket?
The hard drive itself is not the factory installed, it's a 500gb that's worked perfectly since I got the little slim PS3.

Note; I hate trning the PS3 off by force, I know it's not good on the system, so I do it sparingly. I abhor unplugging it even more, and only do that in instances where forcing it off is not an option.