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PS4 vs XBOX ONE I'm obsessed

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  • I made a new video talking about how I think PS4 compares to XBOX One. I definitely like the Playstation, since I love  the PS3. Can't wait to try the PS4.

    Which one do you think will  be the best? 

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  • PS4!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • ps4 is going to be better, it looks better and sounds better. theyll probably make more sequels to playstation 3 games as well as new ones. its cheaper and comes out before the xbox one. i suggest you get it. I know im getting it. us.playstation.com/.../features

  • I'm getting a PS4.

  • ps4 for sure i lost all respect for m$..especially since all they care about is the $ in my wallet

  • hehe its comments like this that just make me wonder, has fanboyism killed rationality?  Do you not think Sony is also only after your money?  Are they not focused on the bottom line?  Did we all forget that Sony patented software back around Christmas that basically does the exact same DRM that was originally on the X1?  Do we not realize that they will be able to do the same thing as Microsoft and patch it in later once the consoles are established?

    Sony was very smart in what they did.  They let Microsoft make the first move and watched the reaction of the consumers.  They let Microsoft dig the hole, then just pushed them into it with their E3 press conference.  Now on paper the PS3 appears to be the better console, and should turn out to be slightly more powerful.  Combine this with a better price point and I think Sony will easily beat Msoft this holiday season.  In the end though I think next gen will be a lot like this gen, neither system has a significant hardware reach over the other and it will mostly be decided by 2 things, where people go to game online and which has better exclusives.  Microsoft already has the advantage in online gaming and seeing as how Sony is going to start also charging for online I dont see that changing.  Exclusives we will need to wait and see.  Going off current gen it would seem like Sony should get the nod but Microsoft does seem to be really pushing for exclusives this time around.  

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