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The Last of Us ending

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  • Alright, it's about time we've had a serious discussion about the ending of TLoU. Just post in your thoughts on what happened, and we can see what other opinions are out there. It should be noted though completely obvious that this will contain *SPOILERS*

  • I really enjoyed the ending to the game.One thing that caught my attention,though,is the scene at the end when Joel and Ellie are driving sometime after escaping the Fireflies.When they stop and get out to continue on foot,Ellie roles up her sleeve and looks at the bite on her arm.It almost looked to me like the bite had started to swell,and little bumps were starting to form around it,implying that the infection was getting worse.I may be wrong though.

  • i believe Ellie knew that joel was lying, but she really wnated to believe him...we will see what the dlc brings to the table..but all i can say is i hope to god they make this a trilogy or a sequel. =]

  • I think that Joel was in a sense trying to preserve his humanity by saving Ellie. He couldn't just let them kill this 14 year old girl for the sake of possibly saving the human race after all they'd been through together. It was still an incredibly selfish move on his part, but I think he wanted to save the part of him that makes him human, which is represented by Ellie. Interesting stuff.

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