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I'm short $.64 cents on the PSN

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  • I'm glad new dlc costume packs released today (for playstation all stars battle royale), but I'm dismayed at the fact that I'm about .75 cents short of being able to download at least one pack.

    So now I come to you, fellow forum friends and fellow gamers. Would you help me out in some way, perhaps some advice of some sort? I do not have a means of purchasing a new $20 psn card. Would anyone here be able to work out some means of a trade/negotiation with me? I do have 1 unused code (for 3 full months) for PS+ that I never ended up using simply because you have to have your credit card tied to the account in order to work, and I didn't want to do that. So I am willing to trade my PS+ code for some PSN cash. Anything is appreciated, and I can best be contacted on my psn account via PM (my PSN ID is hilari0s The 0 is a zero). Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

    And please don't harras or badger be about, "I should have known better/shouldn't have spent as much," or "don't beg for money" (I'm not even begging, I'm making an offer. Kind comments and any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    I currently live in the US. I receieved the free code off of a forum member (on a website: getsatisfaction.com/littlebigplanet) and I never used it because it was required to tether your credit card information to your psn id. Considering the fact that I just got 1 year of ps+ and the 3 extra months for free, I'm willing to make the offer of any dollar ammount of psn for my 3 month ps+ code. It can be handled over PM via PSN. (Contact me via my psn id: hilari0s)

    Sorry for double posting, the thread creator was glitching for me. IDK why.

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