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PS3 Super Slim

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    Hey Everyone My Topic I'm wanting opinions on are how durable are the Super Slim's and are they worth it. I currently Own a 60GB 1st gen PS3. While the PS2 games read with no problem. As well as Regular DVD's work just fine also. Though I'm not displeased by it speaking I've owned the Console since 2006-2007 and I'm just now running into this problem.The Blu-Ray lens has continuing problems reading any PS3 game right away. However it sometimes has a mind of it's own and will work 10% of the time. Before I throw $300 at the Super-Slims I'm wanting opinions on them from multiple people. I've heard Positive to Negative reviews from online sites, My only scare is the Top-Load tray whether it's going to be a tough cookie for a while. Opinions are Greatly Appreciated! Thanks



  • Just bought the super slim for as a second home console.  Aesthetically, in comparison to the original slim model, it's a step down.  The top cover is a bit sloppy and cheap feeling, which worries me in terms of extended durability.  Thats my only issue.  It runs smooth, quiet, and fast.  I haven't noticed any additional heat issues or disc reading hiccups.  My suggestion - buy an original slim bundle, they are still available.  If you do go super slim, them hit a home run and get the 500g so you atleast have that as a positive gain from the purchase.

  • I recently bought the new slim model, regardless of how the disk slot operates. The system itself works really well. Really quiet when the game is loaded up and it dosen't overheat at all. The disc drive seems to be the loudest when you insert a game, but once the game boots up ; quiet as hell.

    If your current model is dying as it looks like from what you're posting, then your best bet is to buy another console. Either Slim or super slim models work fine in terms of performance.

  • I have a Super Slim, it's more fragile than predecessors but if you use it normally you probably won't run into any problems.

    Don't throw away your old PS, trade it in at GameStop, they'll give you 50% more cash towards the super slim version.

    Let them hate, so long as they fear.

  • Personally I'm sticking with my CECHL01 fat PS3. The 1st slims seem to be pretty good, haven't heard too much about the super slims but having the BD lens exposed when you change discs just doesn't sit well with me. I would say your best bet is to get the same model I have if you can find one that you know for a fact has never had the YLOD. Then open her up, clean any/all dust from the insides, clean off the old thermal paste from the CPU/GPU & heat sinks, finally replace the thermal paste with a high grade one like AS5 or MX4. I did this to my PS3 & it has been running like a champ ever since. I played ME2 for almost 14 hrs straight last week & the fan never went above it's 2nd stage.

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