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  • It blows my mind how much of a land slide it seems to be in PS4's favor. I know that people are buying the XBOX ONE, but it seems most who are, are also buying the PS4. Is there anyone who is just getting XB1? Also I'm making the switch from 360 to PS4 because I don't need my gaming system to be a all around entertainment system. I just want to play games on it. I think that if M$ had come out and said that they were going to do just the system without the forced kinect and everything that comes with it, but you can buy the kinect and if you do you can run all your entertainment through it. I think M$ would still be in the running but because they aren't giving the consumer the choice people are getting really upset about it. I think the XB1 could be decent but no company should ever force people to have product they don't really want.