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  • I started to replay MGS4 to platinum it and I noticed that I was only earning a 3rd of the Drebin Points; for an example when I pick up an RPG it says 6000 DP but then when I check my DP it only adds 2000 DP? Then later on after I just finished the part of the first chapter right after you meet up with Fox Hound for the first time I must of picked up at least 30000 DP worth of guns fighting the Frog Soldiers but when I checked my DP afterwords I didn't get anything, nothing not even 1 DP. Then in the beginning of the second chapter DP were back to normal but shortly after the start it started again, right around the time the LMG's start to show up I would pick up a M60 and it would say 3000 DP but then I would check and all I was getting was 600 DP now just 1 fifth of what I should get. What the h@!# is going on. I have Googled and Googled over and over and I can't find anything about this. I have played this game many times before the trophies were added; I unlocked everything years ago and never had this problem. I'm guessing it has something to do with the trophy patch. If anyone out there knows anything about this I would appreciate any info. Thanks