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  • Gameinformer blew it with the Ni No Kuni review. Before playing the game for myself I was under the impression that bosses were too difficult, random battles were much more frequent than is common in most JRPGs and that I would lose 10% of my money if I died in a dungeon and chose to continue. None of these things is actually true. Bosses are medium to easy, random encounters are no more common than in any JRPGS that I've ever played, and if you die in one of the small dungeons and choose to continue you can either restart from your last save that was most likely no more than five to ten minutes ago or continue and lose 100% of your money. I wonder what game the reviewer was playing?

    Another charge leveled in the review was that the story wasn't that of a Studio Ghibli film. I have said this before and I will say it again: if you want a story, read a book. In this case watch a Studio Ghibli movie. The story is just right for the game. I don't want too much, nor too little. It hits that mark perfectly.

    The real feeling that I get when playing this game and thinking about the Game Informer review is that the reviewer has never played a JRPG before and was a poor choice to review what will be to many gamers the RPG of the year.