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  • I picked up a PS3 this morning thanks to the $50 off sales going on. We've been wanting one for a while just because it was close enough in price to a mid-range Blu-Ray player and there are any number of titles I've been wanting to check out. It's great that I have a lot of backlog to burn through, as most titles are older at this point and I can enjoy many games for $15 a piece.


    Unfortunately, when I actually look at the shelves at my local retailers, I start blanking out on what I wanted. Here's my list of games, and I'd love for anyone to throw in their recommendations. As I already have a 360, outside of upcoming releases, I'd like to focus on PS3 Exclusives since that's why I bought the system.


    This morning I grabbed:


    Heavenly Sword

    Infamous 1 and 2 combo pack

    Heavy Rain


    I'm looking forward to:

    Last of Us

    Sly Cooper


    I know there are quite a few games I've noted over the years, but I need help jogging my memory. Thanks!