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    Hey Everyone My Topic I'm wanting opinions on are how durable are the Super Slim's and are they worth it. I currently Own a 60GB 1st gen PS3. While the PS2 games read with no problem. As well as Regular DVD's work just fine also. Though I'm not displeased by it speaking I've owned the Console since 2006-2007 and I'm just now running into this problem.The Blu-Ray lens has continuing problems reading any PS3 game right away. However it sometimes has a mind of it's own and will work 10% of the time. Before I throw $300 at the Super-Slims I'm wanting opinions on them from multiple people. I've heard Positive to Negative reviews from online sites, My only scare is the Top-Load tray whether it's going to be a tough cookie for a while. Opinions are Greatly Appreciated! Thanks