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  • Haha.. I agree with a couple things in this thread for the PS3 - Valkyria Chronicles.. fantastic game. It's one of the two I own for my PS3 if that says much. Everyone always complains about the fifty dollars a year for Xbox Live.. it's updated with content more often, the caliber of exclusives far surpasses anything I've seen on PSN. I bought Fat Princess and have played it once online. Shadow Complex is incredible, especially as an Xbox Live Arcade title. Also, a lot of people are saying the community is great on the PSN.. what exactly are you referring to? Xbox Live has fantastic vignettes featuring recent game releases for achievement tips, general strategies, or semi-reviews covering the bases. Also.. Netflix streaming, anyone? I can stream Lost in HD or thousands of other shows or films for no extra cost than my subscription to both services. Rumor has it this feature may head to the PSN eventually as well, but Live has had it for quite a while now. The only valid point, although not necessarily a deal breaker for everyone, is lack of wireless out of the box. Coupled with the fact the adapter is 100 dollars makes it pretty annoying, however, I don't even use the one I bought anymore.

      Now, I'm not going to totally bash on the PS3, but I would like to know what the OP, Matthew Proietto, saw in the PS3 that made him "favor it more." I do really enjoy the presentation of the menus and functionality of the multimedia aspects of the PS3.. I'm actually using it at this moment to listen to music. The main thing is if something catches my eye as a PS3 exclusive, that's why I have the console, but where the hell are they?

    P.S. the controller is garbage in comparison, in my eyes =P Well, the triggers specifically, hehe