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  • i seriously have a love affair with my ps3, so much so that my wife is getting concerned :P  the online community is not quite up to the 360 to be honest, but you won't really notice.  not to mention that you hafta spend up to $150 extra dollars on a xb360 just so it can do what a ps3 can do out of the box.  

    in terms of cool games to get for your ps3, definitely pick up LBG and MGS but i would also suggest Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (and the sequel coming out next week) and if you like RPG's pick up Demon Souls.  Demon Souls is very traditional and very hard but its worth the game play.

    just a side note: Square Enix already announced that Final Fantasy 14, which will be another MMO will be exclusive on the ps3 slated for release around 2011/2012.