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  • yeah i know...5 years seems like to much but i would wait twice that if it meant the game was that much better...

    i'm still waiting for a release date. i've already pre-ordered mag(fully paid), and enough for one brand new game so i'm going with Demon's Soul but i would really hate to buy demon's soul only to find out the game is coming out soon.

    hopefully(and it makes most sense) we'll know about its release a while before it comes out, really, what great game has ever had a surprise arrival? never hopefully cuz i'm poor lol.

    how much do you guys wanna bet that this game isn't going to have the boy or the beast killed off? seems to obvious..

    then again.. it might be one of those things where even though you expect it fully its just as powerful.

    a game that can't be imagined or remembered perfectly is a truly great game in my opinion, they're something you can only experience.