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  • Well NCAA and NFL are completely different games.   They play different and they both have pros and cons I'm sure.  I haven't bought Madden since 08, but I'm a avid fan of NCAA so I'll give my opinion on that one.

    In NCAA there are a lot of new features

    Better Animations is a big one but still not great.

    The new Season Showdown mode is cool because you pick you fav school and you can earn points for your team no matter what you do with the game.  YOu can even earn points away from the game by playing Trivia and earning points that way. You collect points through online, offline, Dynasty and Road To Glory mode. Even if you don't use your fav school you can earn points for them when you play.

    So many schools to choose from!!!!  

    If you want to create a DII school or even a fictional school you can with Team Builder through your internet browser and it's pretty cool to see your team come to life in the game.

    The Road To Glory is fun because you create a player and play your way to your senior year using only your player, if you are a quarterback you have more freedom.  But you still can't pick your own plays.  

    Again college is waaaay different from the NFL but I suggest you rent them both and then decide.  I'm more of a Saturday Football fan myself because those kids play with a lot more heart than professionals do nowadays.  

    Overall NCAA 10 is a lot of fun but it all depends on you.