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want/need Champions of Norrath on PS3

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  • I remember the most fun I ever had on my PS2 was playing Champions of Norrath and Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms. It all started when I first played Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and I was instantly hooked on action RPG's. Champions of Norrath, though based on Everquest lore and not D&D, was the next level in addictive looting and leveling up action. I know there are great games out like Borderlands and upcoming games like Diablo 3 that are similar, but the amazingly fun co-op of Champions has never been beat.

    So the point of this post is mainly to say that I hope with all of my gaming heart that Sony will release Champions of Norrath or its sequel (or both) to be re-released, remade, or available for download (once they get that PS2 emulator going) so I can play it on my PS3 with my friends and relive the glory days. Is anyone with me?

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