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It's not just a place for World of Warcraft players; the PC gaming forums are a great place to talk about the latest titles including your favorite MMOs. Or maybe you just need some advice on a good piece of hardware. Either way, this is you'll want to be.

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  • Forum Post: Empire TV Tycoon Review - Gamers C.R. Noticias y Review

    One does not simply walk into Mordor! TV Tycoon Empire Analysis Posted on October 20, 2015 by vichilino One does not simply walk into Mordor! TV Tycoon Empire Analysis - By Adrian Velez Salas from, October 19th, 2015. A simulator as few, making the once boring simulated negotiations, now...
  • Forum Post: War of Rights - an FPS for Civil War Fans

    Hello all, My name is GeorgeCrecy, I am the historical adviser for the Danish gaming company known as Campfire Games. We are currently producing a game about the American Civil War, called... This as-yet unreleased and in-progress game is based around the battles of the Maryland Campaign of 1862, which...
  • Forum Post: Staying connected through gaming

    I am in the military and spend more time away from home than I prefer. When I am home my son and I occasionally like to pass the time playing local co-op games on the 360. I would like to still have that time with my son while I'm away but we only have the one console. I would greatly appreciate...
  • Forum Post: Square Enix craze on steam

    It seems like this weekend, you can find a staggering deal via Steam for games made by Square Enix. A collection of 34 games plus most if not all DLC for said titles can be had for 31 dollars! The games themselves are also on special individually, but getting 34 games for under a dollar a game is kind...
  • Forum Post: Me and PostApocalypse 2: Scraping - new post apocalyptic FPS

    Hi all. Iwould liketo tell you aboutthe new gameisa first person shooterwith elementsof survival Me andPostApocalypse2: Scraping . Me and PostApocalypse 2: Scraping - this first person shooter with elements of survival and adventure games for Windows/Linux. This sequel to the game Me and PostApocalypse...
  • Forum Post: MOBA games, why?

    I just would like to hear from some people who like to play MOBAs. What is it about MOBAs that appeal to you? I've tried to come to understand the fascination of the genre, and I just can't do it. Help me out?
  • Forum Post: Re: any Minecraft players wanna join a server?

    best minecraft servers list for survival, cracked servers, hunger games, with mods, creative mode etc this will help you a little with nice community players of course for more fun
  • Forum Post: ESO Beta Key Giveaway (2 keys)

    Hey there GI Community, I have a couple extra ESO beta keys I'd like to give out. I am not selling these, and to avoid a first come first served scenario I have a small, and extremely easy, contest. All you have to do is submit a Haiku related to ESO or one of the previous Elder Scrolls games in...
  • Forum Post: What is the best PC game this year 2014?

    Can you suggest the best PC games this 2014? Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10
  • Forum Post: "To the Moon" & "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons"

    I just got done playing both back to back straight through for the first time. I don't remember the last time I had as much emotional story thrown at me in one day. Between the two you get great music, story, and game design. Definitely worth the time if you never heard of them and like a good story...
  • Forum Post: Just Cause 2 SDK Petition

    I'm sure most of you here have heard about the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod . A good amount of you have probably played it and enjoyed it. The most amazing thing about it was that it was accomplished without any help from the developers of JC2 . Sure, they did give the MP Devs their blessing, and...
  • Forum Post: My buddy made this short game, please give it a shot. He created it in 48 hours for some game jam competition, I don't really know anything about, I apologize, but for the short time he had, it's a really neat little game. You have 10 seconds to traverse a 3-4 levels before...
  • Forum Post: Phantom Fighter Episode I (NEW PC GAME RELEASE)

    Please check out my new game release at YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK BELOW 2s4TioFBWy0
  • Forum Post: Elder Scrolls Online: Optimistic or Skeptical?

    Hello people of this community. (Trying to sound sophisticated, this is my first post on these forums, and on the Anyways, if you have heard of up-coming games, you have-more than likely- heard of the new MMORPG coming out titled The Elder Scrolls Online. If you haven't its basically...
  • Forum Post: BootCamp - The New HALO Series in PC?!

    Hey Guys. ( I'm Korean and I can't speak English well...;; plz understand about that) I found interesting source from 'Game Rating Board'(It is like a ESRB or TIGRS in Korea) It means mm/dd/yy - 05/24/2013 Name : Bootcamp The applicant company : Korea MicroSoft. Platform/Genre : PC /...
  • Forum Post: The Secret World, Need buddy key

    Hey guys, so for the past 3 weeks I have been looking for a new game to invest my time on. I currently on Tera uprising, GW2, LoL, SC2HotS, D3, BF3, DayZ, Simcity, and many more but those are the ones i play the most. Now, I did a little research and most places lead me to The Secret World. Couldn't...
  • Forum Post: Re: EFFING DEAD - indie survival action in RE4 style Hi there! We have a new video. We change a lot on lights and shadows, take a look and if you enjoy please share -_^
  • Forum Post: Sektor 58 Kickstarter Information and Exclusive Development Video

    Hey all, Crowdcell Ltd. has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their RTS brainchild Sektor 58. They were nice enough to provide me with an exclusive video showing a timeline of the games development. Some pretty cool stuff. Preview here
  • Forum Post: 3 Free Steam Digital Codes for Book of Unwritten Tales

    Sup GI's? This month I Game Responsibly has a lot of great prizes to give away. We have three free Steam digital copies of Book of Unwritten Tales (among other things) we're giving away. Just head over to our Contest Page to take a look at what's up for grabs!
  • Forum Post: Kickstarter - Battle Worlds: Kronos Turn Based Strategy

    KING Art Games just met their first stretch goal for their take on the classic Turn Based Strategy game, Battle Worlds: Kronos. Their a German developer with an amazingly forward thinking, customer friendly stance. I conducted an interview with the games producer Colin Gilzean, and the development team...
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