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It's not just a place for World of Warcraft players; the PC gaming forums are a great place to talk about the latest titles including your favorite MMOs. Or maybe you just need some advice on a good piece of hardware. Either way, this is you'll want to be.

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  • Forum Post: Which is the best Windows OS for gaming?

    I have a MacBook Pro and here are the specs: 2.6 GHz Quad Core Intel Core i7 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB OS X 10.8.2 Since Windows 8 just came out, I wondering what is the best OS to get for gaming with my current laptop. I was thinking Windows 8, but I am not sure.
  • Forum Post: Re: Descent: The Uprising DEMO

    NEW Trailer
  • Forum Post: The " My Favorite Minecraft Spawn Is " Thread

    Whats your favorite thing to spawn in a minecraft server. Whether it be a weapon , animal , portal , mod , anything just say it.
  • Forum Post: Re: Descent: The Uprising DEMO

    Just a quick update on our 3 tier character class were creating. Below are some rough concept images of how Traeven will look whether you choose to play as a Warrior, Rogue or Mage (were still working on terminology). The idea is to how a totally open custom menu like Skyrim to allow players to level...
  • Forum Post: Call of Duty 4 Star Wars Mod

    I am posting this info everywhere, to try to spread the word. Anyone who enjoys Call of Duty games and/or Star Wars should definitely check this out. Also, I realize it says MAC game store, but it works on Mac and PCs...
  • Forum Post: The Five Things Battlefield 2143 Can Do To Be Better Than Battlefield 2142

    If the easter egg found on Wake Island in Battlefield 3 is true and there's going to be a Battlefield 2143 here's five things Dice can do to make this game be noticed more by the FPS crowd and be the best Battlefield yet: 1.Enchance Titan Mode Add a chaotic destruction: Titan mode has been praised...
  • Forum Post: Quest QDK Game Editor-Make a Text-Based RPG

    I was playing the Zork series the other day, and then played another game similar to it called You find yourself in a room . Then I said "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if I made my own Text-Based Game?" So I looked up how to. Most people who like to play Text-Based games probably know about...
  • Forum Post: Your Mine Craft Stories and Questions.

    Hello. Im a experinced player of mine craft which I believe to be one of the best games of the modern world for its simple nature. If u have any questions or just want to talk about your mine craft stories go nuts. Ninja Man.
  • Forum Post: Mac Steam

    Any good cheap mac steam games (under 20 verifies as cheap)
  • Forum Post: Press Release: Odyssey Online Classic Welcomes New Programmer / Mac Client Incoming

    Press Release: Odyssey Online Classic Welcomes New Programmer / Mac Client Incoming Press Release: 12/14/2010 9:51PM CENTRAL Justin Schumacher (Bugaboo), original programmer of Odyssey Online Classic, rejoins the Team after 10+ years! He will take the position of Co-Programmer along with James Chambers...
  • Forum Post: The Best PC Games of All Time.

    Yes I just recently picked up a good PC and have since purchased Starcraft II the game is amazing and it makes me wonder what other amazing PC games have I missed out on and does anybody have suggestions as to what I should try?
  • Forum Post: Steam on the Mac. Is this a game changer for PC gamers?

    So it is now well known that the steam digital distribution is coming to the mac platform. I, being a mac user who has had to boot camp (run windows on the mac) for several years in order to play my steam games, am very excited about the switch. However, since I already use a mac, I am a little biased...
  • Forum Post: Pc Gaming Hurts Me, does it hurt you?

    I notice that when i play consoles my eyes are O.K. but whenever i play games on my pc even when im not playing that long, i've noticed when i look up or away from the pc everything is blurry, i cant even read the tv volume when i turn it up. but if i go days with out playing pc games my vision is...
  • Forum Post: List of Mac Compatible Games, the small list

    Post all your favorite Mac compatible games here. (Let's not include the Bootcamp, VMware, or Crossover stuff, that's cheating) All Blizzard games: -Warcraft 1,2,3 -Diablo 1,2 -World of Warcraft -Heroe's of Newerth -Cave Story (very cute small game, search it in google) These are just the...
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