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It's not just a place for World of Warcraft players; the PC gaming forums are a great place to talk about the latest titles including your favorite MMOs. Or maybe you just need some advice on a good piece of hardware. Either way, this is you'll want to be.

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  • Forum Post: War of Rights - an FPS for Civil War Fans

    Hello all, My name is GeorgeCrecy, I am the historical adviser for the Danish gaming company known as Campfire Games. We are currently producing a game about the American Civil War, called... This as-yet unreleased and in-progress game is based around the battles of the Maryland Campaign of 1862, which...
  • Forum Post: Visually impressive games for my laptop?

    Hey guys, I'm getting a pretty sweet new laptop, and I'm looking to get a couple of games to test it out. I have bought BF3, plan on getting Diablo III, but I want to grab a couple of other games that I can use to push the limits of my rig. Metro 2033 has caught my eye, but does anyone have some...
  • Forum Post: The Five Things Battlefield 2143 Can Do To Be Better Than Battlefield 2142

    If the easter egg found on Wake Island in Battlefield 3 is true and there's going to be a Battlefield 2143 here's five things Dice can do to make this game be noticed more by the FPS crowd and be the best Battlefield yet: 1.Enchance Titan Mode Add a chaotic destruction: Titan mode has been praised...
  • Forum Post: BF3 Access

    Just wanted to pass along to everyone that you can with relative ease get into BF3. Just need to make your IP look like it is coming from somewhere that the game has launched. Best part is from Dice themselves they are okay with it. Here is an easy way to do it. Turn OFF Origin first, then do the following...
  • Forum Post: Pretty *** Good Battlefield 3 Game play Video

    I found this to be very entertaining, im surprised id never heard of this site. What do you think?
  • Forum Post: The Best PC Games of All Time.

    Yes I just recently picked up a good PC and have since purchased Starcraft II the game is amazing and it makes me wonder what other amazing PC games have I missed out on and does anybody have suggestions as to what I should try?
  • Forum Post: Browser Based Strategy Games: Make your suggestion!

    I suggest a browser-based strategy game built in flash called "Battle Dawn". I have played most of the common ones that are good in their own right, such as Travian and Bulfleet, as well as some not so good ones (you know, the ones who have to lure you in with images of females flashing body...
  • Forum Post: DICE: "PC Gamers get more because they DESERVE it!"

    How awesome is this? In this post, off Planet Battlefield, a member of DICE responds in a heated forum discussion about why the PC version of Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be getting more features than the console versions. One of the main things is that the ability to go completely prone will not be...
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