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The End of PC Gaming?

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  • Pc gaming is doing fine.  It might not be the king of shooters any more but it's got an ace when it comes to MMOs.

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  • I agree with Brodie...PC used to be the FPS King...no more..MMO and RTS are the main gaming platform now for the PC...

  • The PC audience is locked down. Everyone who plays PC now will always play PC. I doubt new users will get into PC gaming. It's just not gonna happen.

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  • Well, RTS' and MMO's will always have a home on the PC, but what made the PC version of games different from the console version is starting to fade.

  • <sigh>  The whole " ZOMG, PC Games are dying" argument has been going on since the Nintendo NES released and that was 29 years ago.  Since then, PC games are STILL going strong.

    The reason why PC games are so resilient deals somewhat with the life cycles of PCs vs. consoles.  Moore's Law, the doubling of processing power every 18 months, has still maintained its relevancy...so whereas consoles are "performance locked"...PCs are NOT.  Every console that has ever been released has been surpassed by PC performance within two years.  Historically, that has fallen WELL within the 5-year hardware development cycle for consoles.

    With Microsoft and Sony saying that they are projecting a 10-year Dev cycle for the 360/PS3....I can promise you that PCs are not going anywhere.  Not when Quad-Core PCs /w even 2 year old, SLI/Crossfire linked video cards are blowing the doors off of consoles in terms of raw processing power today.  If anything, it brings to mind an interesting scenario where it is hard to justify a $500 console since a $1,000 PC can do much more and over a 5 year span, is more cost effective and beneficial than a console.  With increasing data transfer rates and network speeds, who is to say that I won't be able to play a PC game on my 70" TV where my PC is upstairs and my TV is in the basement?

    ...in regard to games that are at home on the PC, first person shooters, real or turn-based strategy, and MMOs reign supreme on the PC.  PCs are still the king of FPS.  Consoles have about ONE FPS killer app a year that rolls out the hype-wagon.  This year, its CoD: MW2 .  Last year, it was Killzone 2.  The year before that, it was Halo 3. 


    I have a PC, a 360, AND a PS3...so please do not take my comments to mean that I support one over the other and therefore start spewing Fan Boi garbage.

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  • haha everyone asks that question but it's just a common misconception. PC gaming is doing fine and new games come out just as often as with consoles. Take Half-Life, Bioshock, Halo, Fable, Overlord as examples. And lets not forget the megalith that is WoW!

  • @ Davron Mananov

    I have to disagree with you on this one.  I have been a pretty die hard PC gamer for about a decade, but the lack of new/interesting titles (outside of WoW) has really driven me away from the PC and into my couch with an XBox controller in my hand.  I don't think that PC Gaming is dying, but it's definitely not as healthy as it could be.

    Outside of Blizzard, what games are new and exciting?  Watered down C&C games (I have all of them btw)?  5 Year old Half Life games?

    At what point do people stop paying for weak add-ons/mods?  And, how many monthly fees are you willing to pay?  I think that these issues seriously need to be addressed or things are going to get worse for the industry.  I buy a lot of games, but I'm not made of money.

  • Cantwin,

    Define "new and exciting", because I think you (like many) are having a perception issue.  Are you saying that there is a dearth of new IPs in the PC space or are you saying there are no new genres in the PC space...or both?  My point of contention is that practically everything is multi-platform and offered on the 360, PS3, AND the PC.  The MAIN exceptions are mostly "exclusive" titles.  

    So what games in particular are you saying are NOT available for the PC, but yet are available for both the 360 AND the PS3 as non-exclusive? The only A title I can think of off the top of my head is Rock Band and some EA Sports games.  GTA:IV, Batman AA. Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, NfS: Shift, Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV, Prototype,  ..even the doggone Lego and Harry Stinkin' Potter games were all released as multiplatform.  There are plenty more releasing multi-platform for THIS holiday season, so the notion that PC games are somehow dying while developers are cluelessly still making games for the platform just does not fly.

    In terms of paying for "weak add-ons/mods", I really don't understand your logic since many developers are still giving DLC to PC games for FREE while XBL (subscription based) and PSNetwork are charging for their DLC and it isn't even at an equal $1 dollar to 100 MS Point exchange rate.   Let's not forget about user created mods that flourish in the PC community and are all but nonexistent in the console space.

    In essence, I can guarantee that game per game, you are paying more for your XBL account, games, and DLC than you would on the PC.  I am not saying that is "bad"...only that your perception is somewhat biased.

  • 2 games aren't giving us perfection?!


  • I myself certainly do not see PC Gaming coming to an end. What I am seeing in the past few months is publishers desperation to make the extra dollar by charging money for "expansions" "map packs" the extra nonsense. There may be some games that are being closed off to post-modification in the PC Gaming world, but by no means does that make PC Gaming nearing it's close. In fact, I have come to see that PC Gaming is the strongest suit, outside of the exceptional exclusive titles for consoles. I would have to agree with Beatdown Patrol that the PC is always outgrowing the consoles in capability and furthermore it's a more accessible and customizable platform. For instance, If you're a competitive FPS enthusiast and you're playing on the Console, you're stuck with the sensitivities made available by your controller and the game. Where as if you go PC, your sensitivity is based on your mouse and the mouse's DPI settings. Same as keyboard response, graphical performance, and the ability to totally convert the control mapping. But that's just my two cents. In a world of video games, PC will never diminish from the spotlight. Some glories may come and go, but maybe it's the price to pay for the quality of a *** good game (hopefully to be Modern Warfare 2)

  • Nahhhhhh. MMO's, BF2, CSS, CS. I think it's doing fine.

    XBL: RoLLi7Z 

    No more PS3 :(

  • Yea. PC gaming is not going anywhere, there are advantages and disadvantages to PC gaming vs console gaming and there always will be.



    "PC gaming is locked down. I doubt new users will get into PC gaming, It's just not gonna happen."

    Thats a silly thing to say, and is rooted in misconception and opposed to evidence or truth. Plenty of new users are getting into PC gaming.


    There are things that work better on a computer, such as RTSs and MMORPGs. Games often come with editors and there is alot of room for user content. Look at warcraft III, oblivion, and the neverwinter nights series. PC games are ussually more easily geared for online play, and there are still those who prefer a hotkeyable keyboard and mouse for play even with shooters.

    If you have a good computer, you can ussually get better graphics on a PC than on a console, and you have more freedom to customize your experience, such as editing INI files and other aspects of the game.

    Short and Sweet: Pc gaming isnt going anywhere

  • BeatdownPatrol,

    You are right on a lot of points.  Many of my issues are probably just perception issues, but I have a hard time believing that I am the only one.  Take AC2 for example, why would I buy a game for the PC 3-6 months after its release on 360?  Just to be biased against consoles?

    I love playing games on the PC.  I also don't think PC games are dying, but the market isn't healthy.  Every MMO that comes out requires a separate subscription fee forcing you to decide which one(s) to play.  SC2 is apparently charging extra for things that used to be free, etc.  There are less PC exclusives than there used to be.  Games like Crysis, SC2, and D3 really drive the industry, but there just aren't enough of them.

    If you combine the lack of exclusive titles, the cost associated with upgrading your machine, the cost of the game, monthly fee, and the add-ons you would like; then you are way over the cost of your xbox 360 + $50 a year subscription fee.  PC Gaming isn't dying, but you also don't see its profits all over the news like you do 360/PS3/Wii.

  • I doubt anyone's going to follow suit when they see how many complaint's there are. It's really only a matter of time before someone realizes there mistake and they go back to normal. (i hope)...

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