Thanks for all the feedback you gave about a month ago, we listened and did many changes to better the game.


Last Jungle In Sector 17 is an action strategy indie game still under development. We are now in alpha stage, you can check the it out here:



username: tester

password: afasfk21


Known bugs:

Sometimes enemy and allied crafts like to get a fight on in the deep space, and therefore it may appear that no events are firing. If this happens, go grab a coffee or surf some reddit - they should resolve their problems at one time.



We will bring an easy game mode, right now it's kind of hard-core.



After you have played the game, can you please report us back with the following: 


#0 Your OS 

#1 Your screen resolution

#2 Were you able to beat the game

#3 Time it took for you to beat it first time

#4 Time it took before you got bored / or you RQ-ed

#5 Things you didn't like in the game

#6 Things you liked about the game

#7 Things you suggest we should improve.


I hope you will have fun testing our game.