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the official "What Computer Game Should I Get?" thread

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  • Hello,

    Im really looking for a new MMO to play but i want something that is action packed with magic and crazy equipment.

    Im debating between the 2 World or Warcraft or AION.

    Aion looks cool but it has up and down ratings. and WOW just looks amazing.

    The only thing about WOW is im afraid of becoming addicted and not get any work done.

    Please leave feedback on the better game.


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  • If you get into world of warcraft you will become addicted. Last year I never did my homework. I was always like..."hmmm I have to do a ton of homework, might as well start...hmm...LETS PLAY WOW!" That was every day.

    But I think in general, you will most likely become addicted to any MMO. Thats how MMO's retain their fan base. You must become so immersed in their world that you are willing to forgo things in the real world to experience it.

    My advice, STAY AWAY FROM MMO's unless you have like 4-5 hours a day of free time.

  • LOL i can see it in my head now "o yeah i have homework do tomorrow, i'll just play 6hrs of wow 1st"

    yeah well staying away would be the best, but im bord i need an mmo, im tired of these same repetitive rpg's being released on the consoles.


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  • Hello, please dont take anything what i will write as an insult. I just write my opinion:)

    I played Lineage 2 for 5 or 6 years, i tryed many free MMOs, and then, few months back, one friend bought me World of Warcraft. So i tryed it (i didnt want to) and i have to say i was realy disapointed. The game has big world with nice level design and shity graphic (but i dont care about graphic), leveling up is nice because hundrets of quests. But thats it. I have to say that WoW is big fail for me. They dont care about bonding ppl together. Guild is just for make a raid parties, that sucks realy hard. There is no drama, because oposite fractions does not understand each other, MMO without drama is not MMO. No support for Mass PVP, and thats best on MMO, for me atleast. My opinion is this: WoW is so popular because its made for biggest part of gamers comunity. And biggest part is those who want play something easy, they dont want to die, they dont want to fight other players, they just want to get new better equip, but they use it just for killing another monsters. So i think, its not best MMO, its just made for biggest part of gamers.

    If you want to play MMO you have to ask what you want to do, if you love PvP, Mass PVP , or you just want PvE and grind some equip. If you want to play MMO because of PvP then best choice is probably Lineage2, thats all about PVP, PK, Mass PVP (but on retail its insane grind, you cnat even imagine), or Guild Wars, you dont have to pay for it each month, just buy a game and expansions if you want.  But if you prefer PvE then play World of warcraft, or Lords of the Rings online. Btw. Warhammer online is WoW in another universe, with more emphasis on PvP, but its not much better.

    Sorry if i insult some WoW player, i didnt mean to.  And sorry for my english:P

    Sorry for my english(: -_-

  • If you really want to play one then pick up Aion.  It is new and a lot of people seem to like it.  You would be really far behind in WoW by now and honestly it isn't all that fun.

    However if you want something like WoW try Runes of Magic.  It is a free MMO and is wonderful and in some ways is similar to WoW.


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  • I'm a WoW fan, and proof that you can play not be addicted. I play occasionally throughout the week with friends. It's a fun play to fill some time. That's about it for me.

  • @Martin Ockovsky - Dont worry man, your not insulting anyone im just looking for opinions and we all have the right to one.

    but anyways back to topic.

    alot of games has their ups and downs.

    im looking for something kind of like what you explained, i want alot of nice equipment not too hard and not too easy. i think im still on the edge of getting WOW. just looks really bright and fun

    @Paul Shade - I want AION bad but its just that since its still on its early release stage, i figured that it would bad lag, and what do you know, i done my research and alot of ppl complaine about the game bad lag n and time it takes to get into servers.


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  • I have to say WoW is one of the best games ever made, but yes it will get addicting.

  • @Charles (Bigdawg) Aion is new in USA, but in asia its running more than a year now, actualy it was best game of the year i think. So there are no bugs (ok not none of them, but few:P) and lags are because of huge number of players, but im sure they will do something about it realy soon. Maybe they are jsut waiting if they have to buy new server because of many players, or number will fall back like with warhammer or age of conan, but soon it will be ok;)  Aion is combination of WoW and Lineage, so - easy for western civilisation mainly usa:P (wow) and pvp like in lineage, i think. try it, maybe you will love it.

    Sorry for my english(: -_-

  • I played Wow from day 1 until about 5 months ago, and I think it is still the best MMO on the market (especially for casual gamers).  You can sit down and PvP for a few hours or run an instance/level for a few hours and walk away.  I’ve played EQ, EQ2, Lineage2, FFXI, and of all of these I would say that Wow is the best MMO for people who want to play an hour or two a day and still advance your character (i.e. Life/Game balance).

    It does have it shortfalls: the graphics are outdated, you will be behind other characters, and you need to buy a few expansions to catch up.

    I hope this helps!

  • I thought WoW was great.  I had to kick it though.  I found that to be successful with an MMO, you need to play way too much.  It is not a casual game, so if you have the time and money for it then go for it, you won't regret it.

    I started playing on a free trial from a friend and found myself hooked within minutes.  There will be a learning curve but if you choose a good server, plenty of people are willing to help you out and give some advice (just don't ask for free gold!)

  • @ Martin Ockovsky - Thanks yeah i went to gamestop yesterday and i brought the topic up and two of the guys told me WOW is fun but kind of outdated, they said i should def. get AION. i think i will get aion today then

    @ Cantwin8 - yeah my friend told me that i will need to get the expansions to catch up that kind of turned me away from buying the game

    @ thisnewrepublic - playing too much is what im worried about im just looking to play it a couple hrs every day, not too much. i just want something fun, magical, action packed, and MMO's seem to be the only RPG's with that these days. Gosh i hope they start releasing more MMO's for the consoles.

    Thank all of you for your feedback


    you cant "BEAT" me unless you "CHEAT" me

  • @Charles (Bigdawg) if i just can tell you one more thing, imho RPGs are better choice then MMO. I spend most of last 6+- years of my life by playing MMOs and i think that if you have just few hours for playing games, then play something better, something with great story and atmosphere. It depends on what genre you like, but there is plenty good games. Im playing now new games which i bought, but i cnat wait until ill play baldurs gate again.

    Or wait for Star Wars: The Old Republic and we can play together haha:P

    Sorry for my english(: -_-

  • Save your money (and soul) for the Star Wars MMO. It will be so badass,

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  • If you're worried about becoming addicted, maybe try a free mmo first. Something like Guild Wars where you're not paying a monthly fee. I know for the short spurt that I did play WoW, I felt obligated to play everyday just to get my moneys worth. 

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