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  • Ok i have plenty of MMO experience i have been playing then since i was in 6th grade. i am always a little hazy when starting a new one. I guess i just have to get into it. With Aion i knew right away that i would love the game. I would like to know what some other people think about the game. (Server: Israphel Character name: Drakee.)

  • yes, me personally is waiting to see the results you get on this thread, i want to purchase aion but i want to hear a little more about it.


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  • I played the closed beta and I loved it, it was a fresh new MMO from a company that knows the market. I haven't played since the release because of time and money issues (L4D2 and MW2 are priority).  If I could I would buy it.  The flying is a cool feature when you get to lvl 10 I didn't get much further than that.

  • I've been losing what little sleep I have to this game. I like how one minute I am questing and then the next minute I'm in a huge open world pvp battle (and that's not even in the abyss part of the game that is meant for that kind of thing). Also I like the animations to the attacks, I know sounds like a weird thing but after playing wow for so long and instant attacks that don't look like much it's a huge improvement. I have a 23 chanter now and plan on taking that guy to the end.

  • Yeah i Have a lvl 17 and i cannot play online for very long due to my two AP classes. But i have herd that the PvP is very fast. The thing i love about the game is that there are almost no loading times, the leveling system, quest system, and the Legions are all very polished. The one bad thing about the game is that during prime time (7-11PM) you will most certainty have to wait in a 15 min Qtime.

  • wow! see i want this game soo bad but i money issues due to the fact that i must get L4D2 and MW2....i want this game...sounds really fun


    you cant "BEAT" me unless you "CHEAT" me

  • Yeah it is really fun i wish you could play it to because you dont know what you are missing. But buying L4D2 and MW2 are going to be very good as well so at least you will still have a lot of fun with those games.

  • I played every CBT for Aion and the OBT...and then cancelled my pre-order.  It got so repetitively boring that I couldn't play the game at launch.  

  • I spent about 80% of my summer on Aionsource.com learning about this game. Only to find out my mom wont let me get it because my friends are on wow and wont switch.

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  • @ Kyros - wait im lost on this one, i dont understand why you cant get ot because your friends are still on WOW. that is crazy why does it matter what they are playing. not to be rude, that one just got me a little lost

    @ Neo - wow all MMO's get repetitve, its the community that makes them fun.

    @ Drake - if im still bord on the weekend i will be getting it i dont care.


    you cant "BEAT" me unless you "CHEAT" me

  • @ Charles (Bigdawg) *some* MMOs are repetitive.  Aion is one of those.  The big guild I was in and the server population couldn't save the game from going into my recycle bin.  I played PWI for several years, and not once was that game boring.  Not once.

  •     Aion - a recent title launched in North America by NC Soft.  With its familiar interface, Aion makes former and current MMO players feel right at home. 

    Aion was released in the Eastern market just around a year ago, and was met with fairly large success.  With its innovative flight and PvPvE system, could this graphical behemoth stand up to the juggernaut that is World of Warcraft?

    I currently have a higher-level Cleric within the gamer, and I am safe to say that I have enjoyed myself so far.  Yes, the quests run out once you reach your higher 30's, forcing you to bash your face into the keyboard as your grind monster after monster, but I have come to expect this from every MMO.  You just can't fix the grind.

    So, my question to you is, if you are currently playing this, what would you say about it? (Good or Bad.)

  • I am curently playing the game as a Chanter and I am loving the game. Now I will admit I am not in my upper 30's, nor do I know anyone who is, but I have not been forced to grind anything out yet. I had heard from multiple people before the launch that the "grind" started in the low 20's. Which I have found not to be true. Now you are saying the "grind" happens in the late 30's. On my server about 5% of the game has hit level 30 and I have yet to hear about them complain about a "grind." 


    I could be wrong but I think there are people out there who are still trying to justify to themselves and other why they continue to pay Bliz.... ACTIVISION $15 a month so they try and kill a game before it launches. In Aion's case it is the "grind"


    The game is beautiful, the servers are solid, the class dynamics are fair, and the lore is there for continuous expansion ( and they did not have to steal it from another game).

    Now I realize that a lot of people have come to think that if you do not hit max level in 3 played days there is a "grind" to the game. I would disagree and say that it allows people to understand their class better.

  • So far there has always been quests for me to do and I have made it to level 26 with out grinding. Plus I think people who complain about the grind are people who just do nothing but quests. If you take time to get your professions/gathering skills up you will get some xp. Also you can get a group together and go have fun in the abyss with pvp, that also gives xp.

  • I am currently playing the game, and that i rather enjoy it. Im a low level glad but have really liked the game so far.

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