Last Jungle In Sector 17 is an action strategy indie game still under development. We are now in alpha stage, you can check the it out here:



username: tester

password: afasfk21


Known bugs:

Sometimes enemy and allied crafts like to get a fight on in the deep space, and therefore it may appear that no events are firing. If this happens, go grab a coffee or surf some reddit - they should resolve their problems at one time.



We will bring an easy game mode, right now it's kind of hard-core.



After you have played the game, can you please report us back with the following: 


#0 Your OS 

#1 Your screen resolution

#2 Were you able to beat the game

#3 Time it took for you to beat it first time

#4 Time it took before you got bored / or you RQ-ed

#5 Things you didn't like in the game

#6 Things you liked about the game

#7 Things you suggest we should improve.


I hope you will have fun testing our game.