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Welcome to our World!
Server is based out of Tampa, Florida - USA

Full PVP - Base Raiding - Factions - TNT

AboutAre you tired of looking for PVP servers that always come up short? Are the admins not helpful, is there too much lag to run a base raid, or are you just plain bored of the other servers? Then Ardor PVP is the place for you to call home! The purpose of Ardor PVP is for you to be able to get with your friends make epic death fortresses, raid other bases to get epic amounts of loot that would make the average raider head explode! Once your death fortress is completed, its time to get out there and start piling up the corpses collecting loot and starting your legacy! This server has something for every PVPER with professional staff, no lag, base raids, and tnt what're you waiting for? Join the IP above today!

Server Info: 

FULL PvP - Anything can go in our server! Just so long as you do not hack! Our Spawn is designed to make sure that as soon as you login you can get into the action!

Base Raiding - How much fun is it to raid someone elses base? On Ardor PvP we encourage our users to raid each others bases dry! Build a tnt cannon and demolish your way in! Rise to the top while smashing everyone elses to the ground!

Factions - Here at Ardor PvP we utilize the faction plug in to make sure we have politics, and group on group warfare. Join a faction and conquer the world!

Anti Cheat - We utilize anti-cheat engines to help us catch hackers! Along with our anti-xray systems and professional admins if anyone does manage to hack they will be quickly banned from our server!