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  • The reviews are all over the place, and the demo wasn't that spectacular. The voice acting and character animations were incredibly dull and repetitive. With so many scattered reviews I wonder what the deal is.

    Remember: Three can keep a secret if two are dead. That said, you know what you have to do.

  • This game just seems to be one of those games that pop out of nowhere. With that said, it kinda looks like Dragon Age: Origins :P

  • Well, I say if you loved the demo, you should get the game regardless of what reviews or other people say. If you are looking for the PC game, I believe Steam and/or Direct2Drive have it currently for $49.99 ... Xbox 360-wise, I am not sure.

    Yeah, I am going to wait until I get my fill of Dragon Age and Torchlight before I give this a whirl. Perhaps in a couple months.

  • This game is from Piranha Bytes, they made Gothic 1, Gothic 2 + expansion Night of the Raven, and Gothic 3. Those games are not known in USA but here in europe, especially in cetral europe, are those games realy popular and beloved. (except Gothic 3, that game was worst from saga).  Gothic was about big open full world, with great level design, great story, PERFECT atmosphere (conflict between humans and orcs), high replay, and hard difficulty and lame control (gothic 1 mostly, but gothic 2 too). But there was big number of bugs, because of publisher JoWood, now Risen is under new publisher (so they cant use Gothic, Jowood owns it). Risen has everything what made from Gothic so great games, big open beautifull world, atmosphere, high difficulty, and they improved controls and combat system, which is now better than all gothics together, and there are few or no bugs. Im playing it now, so i dont know how good is story, but i belive it will be good. If you like RPGs, then buy it, you will not regret it. But i belive Dragon Age will be better(:      (Sorry for my english, i dont kow grammar at all)

    Sorry for my english(: -_-

  • GameStop has it for $39.99.


    GoGamer.com also carries it. It is on sale through 10/15/2009 for $36.90, then goes back to $49.99.


  • I just finished it a couple of days ago.  If you liked Gothic 3, you would like it.  The demo wasn't that much help in terms of giving you an idea of game play or anything.  The game is not the best I ever played, but I did play it through to completion.  

    I chose to join the order and follow the path of the mage, and once I got the fireball spell really cranking, I enjoyed the game much better.  I found the combat okay, if a bit clumsy. Some of the creature AI made it almost impossible to win if they surrounded you.  But having ranged attacks worked out better for me (I mean, maybe I just sucked at combat.)

    The main story was clunky, the game was not without some glitches - I had to reload quite a few times having been stuck in scenery with no way to toggle out of it.  I thought the voice acting was okay, but there were some funny discrepancies between written dialog and spoken.

    Really annoying trying to find any decent armor, but they do make it necessary to continue to try and get gold to get potions, weapons, pay for stuff for some peaceful quest resolutions (if that was what you wanted to do), instead of just having you have buckets of gold beyond the first few levels.

    To be honest, it was fun, but I wish I'd waited until the price dropped a bit, I probably would have enjoyed it more.

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