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World War Online: An MMO almost completely directed by its players

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    In this game there are players chosen for each country that interact with new players and teach them everything they need to know. These players also have direct communication with admins so that problems new players are facing can be addressed rapidly. On the contrary, they are not given the ability to punish players nor do they have any ability that could be used to punish a player.


    All translations into various languages are done solely by chosen players. These players also have no ability that could be used to punish players. Successful translations result in a reward, often the in game currency. 


    What most games fail to do is listen to the leaders in the game.Taking suggestions from everyone is important, but given that you can get a detailed and effective suggestion from leaders this is the case in World War Online.  Each week a feedback poll is given to squad leaders to obtain their groups opinion of ongoing features and needed corrections.

    Anti-Cheat Sentinel:

    What goes wrong with most games is players tend to keep making accounts to get an unfair advantage. This combats that. If your IP address matches to another account you are immediately met with the Sentinel. The prompt will ask you to explain your reasoning for accessing another account and will report it directly to the Admins where a decision is made to allow you to continue or not.

  • Very interesting way of growth but i wonder if it is very scaleable?

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