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The Best PC Games of All Time.

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  • MMORPG: World of Warcraft (also made by Blizzard)

    FPS: Battlefield Series. Counter-Strike Source. Half-Life 2. Bioshock Series.

    Free-To-Play: Combat Arms. Rumble Fighter. Dungeon Fighter.

    You can also get some great classics from the steam network. That's where I got Psychonauts, which is a great game.

    These are just personal suggestions, though. You should take a look at the PC Game area of Metacritic. They rarely steer you wrong.

    Night Tales ~ Mmm. Denise.

  • This is what I suggest and it is by no means a comprehensive list:


    Age of Empires II

    Civilization IV



    Mass Effect

    Mass Effect 2

    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic I and II

    Dragon Age Origins

    Half-Life 2


    Team Fortress 2

    Left 4 Dead 2



    Indie games



    Plants vs. Zombies

    Hope this helps!

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  • Motherfuckin' Stalker.

  • Hmmmmmm.

    MMO: Depends if you are looking for hardcore or casual. I like A game that hasn't received much attention, if any, Darkfall Online but you need to have a good amount of time on your hands to compete with the veterans and its best if you have had some previous MMO experience.

    Strategy: Civilization V (when it comes out september 21st)

    Again when it comes out, Kingdom Under Fire II, but without a publisher yet it will probably still be awhile.

  • this guy jack has the good idea of things.one u NEED to get is the steam version of fallout 3 game of the year edition.NOTHING beats that game.idc if its 15 years from now,that game will still be amazing.

  • Rainbow Six , Doom, Star Wars KOTOR, GTA, Tomb Raider, Ice Wind Dale, Baldurs Gate, Far Cry, Bioshock, Supreme Commander, Ghost Recon, Call of Duty, Thief, Unreal, Homeworld, Deus X, Command and Conquer, Wolfenstein, Assassins Creed, Brothers in Arms, Civilization, Elder Scrolls, Fall Out, Left For Dead, Half Life, Mass Effect, Mafia, Lego Games, Painkiller, Serious Sam, Penumbra, Prince of Persia, Sam and Max, Monkey Island, Resident Evil, Puzzle Quest, Red Faction, StarCraft, Diablo, Warcraft (RTS, not WOW), Splinter Cell, Max Payne,  System Shock, Silent Hill, Medal of Honor, Company of Heroes, Broken Sword, Commandos, F.E.A.R, Crysis, Overlord, Quake, and Warhammer.  As for indivual games, I am a big fan of Clive Barkers Undying, Darksiders, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dead Space, Dragon Age: Origins, Metro 2033, Mirrors Edge, Blood Omen, MDK 2,  Anachronox, Star Wars: Empire at War, Just Cause 2, Jade Empire, Planescape: Torment, Armed and Dangerous, Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri, Sins of a Solar Empire, The Witcher, Trine, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Torchlight, The Maw, The Misadventures of  P.B Winterbottom, Borderlands, Order of War, and  Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers....This is just a small portion of the greatness you can play on PC. Enjoy!

  • I've never put time into a Civ game, maybe 5 would be a good start.

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  • The original Doom. the greatest and most important computer game ever.

  • Doom II (telefrag)

    Fallout 1&2

    Dark Forces series.

    Lucas Arts adventure games

    Those are the ones that ate up most of my PC gaming time way back when.




    Oh, what to play for modern stuff? I couldn't really help you there. If you do play older stuff, don't play Doom - they don't hold up well, Wolfenstein is at least funny because of their German "catchphrases."



  • You should try Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, its the best Star Wars game i ever played...

    Best Regards, Hollow

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  • Don't forget Minecraft :)

  • I won't waste my time going back to old titles, the thing is when thinking what is the best all time fav of games, back in the day they where great because of two reasons. One they where new to you and second it probably was the first one you ever played in that genre. To this I go with the more modern version of what I consider the best of the best to this date.

    Winners For PC:

    1. RPG - DRAGON AGE (by far the best rpg to date in my eyes for many reasons)

    2. Simulations- Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 (there are other simulators I love, but to be honest I keep going back to this one, even with sims3 popularity and constant updates, this one just remains as one of those "I can build my theme park and watch the little peeps enjoy! type of games, don't know what it is about it, but all of this game is just a blast. Word on the grapevine is RCT4 in development!)

    3. Racer- Need for Speed (newest release coming next month, got to try this, best racer to date! The series had some real hard hits in the past due to repeditive and or obsolete ideas, but alas when Criterion took the reigns this time it is top dog ((IE The guys that made burnout series))  )

    4. Strategy- Company of Heroes (ya, I bet some are thinking NO WAY, but yes way, reason its the replayability factor in this game is top! Well at least for people with a brain for strategy.. in the end dawn of war was my almost first pick, THQ has made some excellent games latly and this definitly is the top game in my pick. While Civ5 is a great game no doubt , it just doesn't have the thrill that an rts of this nature can bring with terrain desimation and so much more)

    5. Fist Person Shooter (FPS)- BattleField Series (not much here needs to be said, when you add it all up, the most popular and played fps is this series. While MOH and other titles not to be mention get the most publicity, the fact remains is, when you look at server numbers and players. No other game surpasses the numbers for this series and there is a reason why)

    6. MMO- Dark Age Of Camelot (Ahh, another one un-doubtly will ruffle some feathers, but in the end DAOC was the best of the best. It had good stories, well done encounters and the top PVP of any game to date. Sieging grew into a lovlyness of watching walls being knocked down and breached by the enemy, relic stolen for the good of all and so much more. While WoW is the top populated game at the moment , I look at it this way for a reason... it is also the easiest mmo to ever play a monkey could smash some keys and win in that game. Probably why that and games like farmville do so well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to play it)

    7. Indi- DEFCON (Shall we play a game?.... is definitly the saying for this game as it is a total rip off of the movie, however the game is fun and really shows nuclear destruction at it's best, if you haven't gotten this one, goto steam etc and get it, a blast of the past in the best fetures in a fast pace crazy game)

    8. Adventure- Amnesia (never thought this would be on my list, it could be under indi but alas this is by far the best craziest, scariest game I have played. It is short, but it is also cheap and there is no real fighting etc, this is just something to scare the crap out of you and these guys have done a fine job at it. Do yourselve a favor this halloween and get this , sit in the dark with your girl or boyfriend and play it, you will be scared for sure!)


    Well thats a good summary for me. Definitly recommend any of these titles listed.

  • The 90's could arguably be considered the golden age of PC gaming. Go back and experience the games from that era. It may be difficult to adjust to the graphics of that time, but the gameplay was unbeatable.

  • nah, the 90's where good but now is even better. I look at my list alone and indeed many of those titles have taken each genre to where it should have been. Company of heroes brougt terrian defimation along with so many other factors into an rts it has re-defined the genre. Even with starcraft2, (which I only cared for the single player story) the game was in it's core still the same old game. However they where revolutionary in their map making and scripting , but that's about it. CoH however, brought actual depth to their rts.

    You look at dragon age, a pure salute to the classic balders gate series. While it took top rpg of the year and sold millions. It still improved on many aspects of the current rpg market. Along with now the new version due out in march, this is where we wanted (we being those I think with the same mind set) the genre to be at the first place.

    The games of yesturday where great for what they where and some will say "you will never see another like it" and in fact they are right, for it was the first time they played such a game making that experiance more then not better then any version there after. Look at WoW, you would say, well many MMO's have been out prior to WoW, yet WoW has done a ton to improve it.

    The actualality of the matter is, WoW just made a game that was user friendly and took the simplistic approach to how things are done in the game. Apple to Oranges in respect to a comparison of WoW and EQ. World of Warcraft in essences is everything EQ is but with a shiner interface and more streamlined for todays game play.

    Most people I have met that play WoW never played another MMO prior and no matter what comes, nothing with compaire to WoW their first MMO experiance. Now those that break that mold to a point might just shed new light on the genre, I look at the new starwars knights of the old republic coming out. While the game play is exactly that of WoW in general, they are emphising story play more then anything. So how will this play out? No real clue, but for me I will enjoy it allot and the reason is simple. I play games to be entertained, their game will entertain me like an interactive movie should and in the end, I would love to play such. So I see myself highly enjoying that title as I have enjoyed all their story games.

    In the end to the OP discussion thou, you really never can judge the best of old time games because in the end it's all perspective. Sale numbers show this thou of course, but in the end , I see it as if your going to look at a list of the best of the best you need to make that choice from all parts not just limiting yourself to a timeline as it doesn't do the list justice. Some games have improved, others have failed, some genre's have died off , others have flurished. The best question is of course out of all what do you think is the best. Eh im rambling but that's my 2 cents on the matter. The 90's where good, but I think 2000 is allot better.

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