Welcome to the Final Flight Tour.


Final Flight offers players the chance to own, breed and train thoroughbred race horses for National Hunt racing.  With a wealth of features from all aspects of the Sport of Kings, Final Flight will be able to offer hours of entertainment to racing enthusiasts and newcomers alike!






Each stable is given the chance to design their own silks choosing from a wide variety of colours and designs. All horses carry these silks during racing and are unique to each player.


The yard page shows all of the horses in a player's account - entries and injured horses can be seen at a glance. Players can access further information about their horses by clicking their names.


Players are able to train their horse from midnight onwards, choosing from a variety of training methods to ensure the maximum results. A choice of professional work riders and lads are also given as an option.


Race entries are shown in full detail, with links leading to a list of declared runners. Entries appear for twenty four hours before moving to the betting pages. Players can see if races are full at a glance.


Results appear forty eight hours after races disappear from the entries page. Players who upgrade are able to watch the races unfold via the race viewer.



Players can access race cards for betting purposes by clicking the race links on the betting page. Final Flight has a Tote system with the odds changing with every bet placed.


Claiming and selling races are held on a nightly basis, and allow players to participate in risky racing. Players can select the weight their horses carry in claimers, but run the risk of losing their horses in the claims process and auctions afterwards!


The finances page shows all transactions made. There is a betting log listing all of the bets placed and their success. Players can gain up to £2000 by getting a cheque from their owners via this page.


Horses can be placed in auctions for anything up to ten days. Final Flight offers the chance of setting a reserve price on horses for owners who aren't sure they want to sell!


Players can breed their horses internally (between two of their own horses) or externally (using one of their own horses with another player's).





Players are able to specify a fixed price for any horse they wish to sell via the public sales page. Players wishing to sell to friends are able to use the private sales feature.


Final Flight offers trainer, jockey and horse championships on a seasonal basis, allowing players to set and monitor their personal aims and achievements each year.


Forums are provided to keep in touch over current game and racing issues. Player input is actively encouraged on Final Flight.