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MOBA games, why?

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  • I just go in to League a few months ago and what draws me in are 2 things.

    1. Most of my friend play and we have fun

    2. It takes a nice mix of planning and adapting to excel.

    It can be tough to fully understand and enjoy MOBA games without other people to play with and teach you how to play. I was lucky enough to know a few people well versed in the genre to help me out, so if you are trying to break into the genre, I suggest you find people who play and learn from them and just try it out.

  • I think much of it has to do with co-op and teamwork.  As a genera MOBAs in general need and reward teamwork more than most other generas.  There are many games out there that promote team play but few that punish poor gameplay like MOBAs.  In many games a single really good player can carry an entire team to victory but this really doesn't happen in MOBAs.  In many MOBAs (I say many as there are now dozens and each do things slightly different) a poor teammate not only does not contribute to victory but activley empowers the other team.  Each time they die the player/team that killed them get a big xp boost and usually some sort of currency, putting the other team even further ahead.

    So in order to be competitive in a MOBA you need a full team all working together and on roughly the same skill level or you are doomed to fail.  It is almost like raid encounters in MMOs.  The reason many people raid is not the loot but sense of group accomplishment and overcoming as a team.  It is something similar to that but on a smaller scale and PVP.  

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  • Some people love them, and some people think they are horrendously boring and repetitive. There are people who play can play them all day everyday and others, like yourself maybe, who don't understand that at all.

    As others have said, it is a game with a strong reliance on team work, which can be a good and bad thing. It can be fun to play such a team based sort of game but it can also be a bad thing because with games like this... with some people, there isn't much room for error. If you die, if you d/c, if you don't know how to build your character, if you're new, there will be people who will try to make sure you feel like complete s*** or even try to ban you. It can get stressful with that amount of pressure on your shoulders, the pressure to do well.

    Mobas are NOT n00b friendly at all, you can't go jump into an online match like you can with a lot of games since people will complain the whole damn time telling you that you need to go "practice". That wouldn't be so bad but for some people that means practicing for a few months or maybe more which is a tad extreme to just wanna play a damn game online.

    The gameplay besides the whole team work element is nothing really too special though, basically a stripped down rts using one "unique" character with their own set of "unique" moves. I used to be somewhat interested in them until I learned all the downsides of Mobas and now think they're just overrated.

  • For me it's the fact that it is made of short games, and I can play them casually after work with no commitment. It starts and finishes in half an hour! Great for people with busy schedules.

  • It's best to play with friends. Nice bonding with friends.

  • I used to play DOTA 2 for effectively all of my free time. I have about 3000 hours logged.

    The appeal is basically the competitive aspect. It has engaging mechanics, of course. Almost infinitely engaging. You can play for thousands of hours (as I have done...) and never get bored. the only way to consciously "quit" a moba is by reviewing just how much time and effort you are wasting on a game.

    But really, it's very hard to explain. You have to try it yourself. It's infinitely complex, inaccessible, and brutal. That would seem like a bad thing, but no. It's a way to demonstrate your dedication to gaming. The more you ply, the better you get. you don't necessarily get more fun out of it, but the fun becomes more sophisticated.

    In fact, MOBAs are quite literally a drug. If you get hooked in the beginning, you get addicted. You are constantly searching for a better experience (by getting better, learning new tactics) and that pulls you deeper in to the spiral...

    Glad I stopped.

  • It's a good game to play against your friends.

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