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Steam Box buy or bust?

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  • There is still far too many questions I think for anyone to give an honest answer.  Recently Valve has distanced themselves from the Xi3 Piston which we all thought was the hardware for the steambox.  


    But then Xi3 is saying that the Piston is tied to the steambox.


    Till this gets cleared up we really dont know enough about the hardware to determine if it is a good purchase.  That being said, I dont see the steambox selling to PC gamers all that well.  PC gamers already have a PC, why would they buy another one?  The steambox should be and likely will be marketed at the console market.  Offering console gamers the PC experience without the hassles of the PC.  For that to happen though they need to find the correct price point.  If the steambox costs $900-$1000 like the Piston does I think they are pricing themselves out of the console market.  I feel that price needs to be down around the $600 price point, if console gamers want to spend $1000 they will likely buy a PC.  

    So that's my thoughts, we dont know enough to truly gauge, not likely to be marketed for PC gamers, and needs to be cheaper.  

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