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Do you feel PC Gaming is halting?

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  • When I first thought about building a PC, I thought it was very intimidating. I always thought I would screw something, order the wrong part, or maybe one of my parts won't be compatible! But, after a lot of research and actually a lot of help from the GI forums, I felt very confident.

    I'll be honest, the fun part of building a PC, at least for me, is researching all the parts. Do I want an Intel or AMD build? How much should I spend on my GPU? Is a gold rated power supply all that important? If I get a silver rated PSU I can spend a little more on my GPU. All these questions are just so fun to answer and solve. Physically putting the PC together was a little frustrating my first time, but booting it up and hearing the post-op beep was very satisfying.

    I think what intimidates people the most is the price tag. Not many people want to spend $600-1500 on a machine that plays the same games as a $200-300 machine. The important thing to realize about these multiplatform games is that they will always be optimized for the LOWEST demanding console. Admittedly, even with the specs of the PS3 and Xbox, games like Skyrim are still possible! IDK how the developers make games of that size with such little wiggle room. But, PC users get the glory of free mods, which is essentially free DLC. I've been modding up Skyrim for the last couple weeks getting ready to start a new game. I can't wait to get started with all my new mods.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 10+ years. Consoles are acting more and more like PCs except a lot more restricted. We'll see if people start to catch on.

  • we have all our different interest when it comes to games some kids like xbox others like pc games. Some kids don't like fixing their console others like building their pcs. So for me it depends on your interest so which one is your interest just do it because that will make you happy. Consoles are very handy and portable unlike pc games you need to play them in your pc whichever you want to do pc gaming or console it depends on you. "action will only starts when you trigger the button." :D

  • As a heavy PC gamer I see it growing not shrinking. I run one of the larger PC FPS clans with over 800 members and I see activity in PC gaming much higher than it was 10 years ago.

    Now that most PCs people buy can easily run Sim City or Civilization V it has helped PC gaming grow. I'm starting to meet many gamers who got sucked in by games like the Sims and now are moving into FPS games all on a PC they picked up at best buy. Even several major titles like Watchdogs and Destiny that will be cross platform being built first for the PC.

    The PS4 will help PC gaming grow as the PS4 architecture will make it easy for game creators to port games quickly and easily between the two platforms. Add in the Steam Box moving into the living room and I see a bright future for PC gaming.  

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