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New Resident Evil game

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  • You might have thought that this was a Resident evil 6 thread, but your WRONG.


    First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is PineappleAustin (But my real name is Austin Pittman) and I am a newcomer to this forum.


    But to get on topic, I am a sound artist and recorder, although I am only 15, I run my own sound system and I'm looking to start a new resident evil game. I haven't seen many resident evil games that stretch the story from 1998 (The first apocalypse) to at least 2000-2001. The storyline is started in Wesker's mansion where you start off in Resident evil 1 to be flown in a helicopter to Racoon city where you fight off the infected to get to the Umbrella's headquarters and nuke it, but you get flown out of Racoon city in a jet before the nuke goes off. I am also thinking of adding new creatures (tyrants, newer zombies, newer B.O.W's, etc.). All this is is the basic starting storyline to ending up in Racoon city. The character your playing as is a former guy that you can play as in Resident evil Outbreak and Outbreak file 2, his name is Kevil Ryman, a police officer from the RPD.

    The newer creatures I am thinking of adding are:

    Tyrant 185-N (It is a prototype tyrant with two claws for hands instead of one.)

    Juggernaut Zombie (Military zombies in heavy armor.)

    Plamosis Zombie (Zombies that have insects inside of them, can be fatal if near.)

    Tyrant 185-N-R (Prototype zombie has grown in size and has relative similarities to the RE: Outbreak File 2's test tyrant.)


    Although, the game has its normal enemies that you deal with like zombies, the normal tyrants you face, lickers, hunters, the ordinary.

    So far I only have the following:

    Sound Management: 1/3

    Scripters: 0/3

    Designers (Modelers and texturers): 0/4

    Animators: 0/2

    Artists (Drawers for the creatures): 0/2


    I thank you for reading this (If you do).

  • I read this :) Good idea, a new RE game would be awesome

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