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WoW newb best class?

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  • Or you can not listen to people like Brett Hicks when you are asking for a formulated and non-ambiguous response about the value of a game / tips for starters. Seriously, dude, you are the reason why the forums are dying. :]

    WoW is a great game if you have the time to spare for it. Practically anything in that game requires at the very least an hour and a half, and much more if you are planning on raiding. If you are looking for an easy-to-level class, stick with Hunters or something that can heal themselves(I prefer Shamans). They are also very beginner friendly.

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  • Is WoW also still the best available MMORPG out there? I mean with the time and money that I would have to invest into WoW now, would I still be able to progress far enough into it before the next big thing comes out?

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  • There's a difference between people not be able to take a joke and you not being funny, chief.

    @ Thor

    WoW is probably the safest choice in terms of MMO RPGs with lasting quality. It has been and is still the most popular online game of all time, and currently has 10 Million "active" players.

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  • The best "noob class" is really determined by your play style and preferences.  If I were you I'd just experiment, and try to find a good guild to join.  

  • Let me give you a quick over view.


    Death Knight: Unlockable when you have a character that is level 55 and above and have the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions installed.  Death Knights are the first Hero class of WoW. They have the role of tanking or dishing out damage. Once you have one they are extremely easy to level up because they have high survivability.

    Druid: Druids are one of the most fun classes to play in both PvE and PvP. In PvE they can do all three roles which are tank, heal, and dish out damage. Druids, unlike other classes have unique skins due to their 'forms'. These forms are Bear form, Cat form, Moonkin form (think of an owl mixed with a carebear) and tree form. Druids are diverse in what they do; however, some may find it slightly challenging to develop the skill to perform to the best of their ability when playing a druid. Druids have an awesome ability to innervate a player which restores mana at a high rate.

    Hunter: Hunters are one of the quickest classes to level up. Hunters are the archers of WoW. They only DPS. The great thing about hunters is that they can tame wild animals out in WoW as their companion. If you see it, you could most likely tame it. The interesting thing about pets is that like players, they too get their own talent tree. Some take damage better, others are better for PvP, and even some DPS better. The Hunter is easy to learn and fun to play but sadly, Hunters automatically have a bad rep within the WoW community as automatically being unskilled.

    Mage: The Mage is a challenge to learn. You must be quick to think and act. The Mage only deals damage but in three different ways with fire, frost, and arcane. The Mage can also make a quick profit by offering services of opening portals for quick travel. They are a little slow in leveling but very rewarding when level capped. Their most liked buff is their arcane intellect which gives people more mana.

    Paladin: At the moment, the Paladin is the most popular class to play. Paladins can fill all three roles of tank, heals, and DPS. Paladins have high burst damage and even higher survivability. Paladins are considered the best AoE tank due to their ability to have multiple enemies concentrate on them while the DPS unleashes AoE damage. Also Paladins have unique useful buffs that most people love to have.

    Priest: Priests are surprisingly quick to level due to there Shadow tree. Priest can either deal damage or heal. Priests have many tools when healing to keep themselves and their allies alive. They have some of the best buffs in the game that increases health, protects from fear affects, and even help players regenerate mana from higher spirit. They also have the ability to diminish aggro on them should enemies become focused on the priest.

    Rogue: The most annoying class to fight against in PvP. Rogues can keep you rooted in place while they do massive amounts of damage to you and when you're finally out of said root, they can be gone and ready to rinse and repeat. Rogues are one of the best classes for DPS and are just terribly fun. If you feel like being sneaky and just annoying the crap out of people, go with Rogue. Fairly easy to level

    Shaman: Shaman can DPS or heal. They have the best buffs for groups and raids due to their unique totems that represent different natural elements. For example, you can debuff an enemy making critical strikes more likely to happen and increase spell power to you and your allies. Elemental shamans have a killer ability to call down thunder and blast enemies off high areas. This is so much fun in PvP.Shamans also have the ability to reincarnate upon death.

    Warlock: One of the most hardest class to master. Like Hunters, Warlocks get pets; however, you cannot tame wild NPCs as your pet. They are already set. Warlocks deal Damage over Time (DoT) attacks. They curse their enemy with these and over time they deal mass amounts of damage. Warlocks have an ability to soulstone themselves or someone else and they have the option to resurrect  themselves upon death. Their most hated ability (to people fighting a lock) is their fear. Warlocks can leave an enemy rendered useless as they run away.

    Warrior: This class is pure fun. Warriors can charge at enemy, stop their spell casting, rip them to shreds, and move on to the next. Warriors are the best single target tank and can withstand immense amounts of damage. If you've ever played a Barbarian in Diablo II, you will want to give the warrior a go. Although Warriors are awesome, they are easily rooted in place.



    Sorry for the long post but I kinda got into while writing this out. If you have any questions about a specific class, messege me and we can discuss it further.


    P.S: Some of my info may seem a bit off. I did write this kind of late at night lol :P

  • Yes it's worth a buy, and you should roll a pally because they're easy to play.

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  • Ignore the idiot flamers. All of the classes are very balanced. Just figure out which looks like the most fun for you and go with it.


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  • I want to get back into it as soon as I get a new laptop. Its pretty addicting, but I never got far with my xp lvl.  Same goes for FFXI highest was a level 22.


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  • Paladin will be hard when you start having to do raids, cause the pressure is usually on the tanks to do their job right, i say, be a hunter.

    Protip: Alliance sucks




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