Honestly, ask anyone on Xbox LIVE what "ArmA II" is, and 90% of the time they'll think you're talking about "Army of Two". However, Operation Flashpoint is a very well known game amongst gamers which has seemed to put a bad taste in everyone's mouth about Military Simulators, or milsims. Here are several gameplay videos:


That is just a random scenario someone put together with the in game mission editor by putting a bunch of infantry, armor, and air units, all of which you can play as, all of the vehicles in the trailer can be used by human players.


As with the first video, you can notice the ability to free look around you at any point without having to stop moving. It's actually very easy to do if it sounds complicated. As with most good milsims there is a great deal of walking, as well as most engagements with enemies taking place at 200 meters or more away from you. I'm not sure if this is a custom player mission, coop, or multiplayer, all of which are completely customizeable game modes in ArmA.


This one is an example of a D-Day mission someone made. There are actually several more realistic D-Day mods being created for ArmA II, incorporating WW2 character models as well as the invasions and occupation that took place after the beach landings. You can see these and all of the other great mods for ArmA II at www.armaholic.com

The reason why I made this thread is because ArmA II is such a great milsim yet it is still less well known than Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Almost everyone who I have shown these gameplay videos to has shown interest in buying the game, and the few that haven't aren't fans of tactical milsims anyway. Just to let you know, however, ArmA II is more a Coop oriented games, with most servers consisting of 50+ players working together to take out enemy objectives. This is still extremely fun, as there are main Areas of Operations as well as Side missions consisting of assassinating key targets, destroying enemy buildings and factories, arresting enemy officers, rescuing downed pilots, etc. And there is competitive multiplayer which is also very fun, which plays in much the same way as coop.

Anyone who thought the videos were interesting and want to know more about the game, feel free to post on this thread or go to arma2.com