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The end of PC gaming

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  • The golden age of PC gaming is coming to an end in my opinion. Many games that were once great are getting the crap treatment as the series' are brought to a close. There are also not many new ideas for PC games. Many now-a-days are ports of consoles or are co-developed with consoles. It also doesn't help when companies like EA, Take Two and Microsoft spend millions of $$ to buy great PC development houses and then turn around and shut them down within a year or two. Developers outlandish and intrusive ways of trying to prevent piracy doesn't help either. 

    With most game companies trying to shut down any non MMORPG PC game development, I predict that the next golden age of PC gaming will be games that can be played with friends via a Web-based browser, where millions are NOT spent on graphics, but a few thousand are spend developing great and addictive gameplay. I am proud of my PC game collection, but the number of PC games I buy each year has all but dried up. In the last 6 months, the only PC game I have purchased has been Mass Effect 2. Sad, truly Sad.

  • I would rather says its in a lull. It seems that the consoles may begin to price themselves out of the market driving more to the PC. Also while there are not alot of big name titles there tons of lesser known games that are still fantastic that are only available for the PC. Not to mention all the mods out there.

  • ...........seriously? Not to sound incredibly blunt (which I may sound....incredibly), but someone already posted a thread like this a couple of months ago. Look, If you're not satisfied with the great (questionably so)  games being released left and right, sorry, but you're cluttering the forums with pointless nonsense.

             I will say this: It's true that the entire industry has taken a hit, in a big way, everyone's losing money, companies are desperate to keep investors happy, let alone stay open, and it does strain the creativity. The niche audiences that gaming thrived off of back in the 90's/early 2000's could never fuel the big budget games you see today. And there's the big factor that PC games don't have a big company (which apparently isn't microsoft) to fund and promote the platform, it's a void left for third parties to fill. Obviously, that's it's appeal, being an open platform, but we could go on and on about blah blah blah.

    Anyway, never say never. If you want some recommendations, I could come up with a list with at  least 20 games currently out or upcoming that you should own.

  • I would like to see that list of 20, actually. I didn't say PC gaming was dead, but all that is is entering its twilight. I remember back in the late 90's early 2000's when there were more great games coming out than I could buy and play at once. Now, not so much. Personally, I would love to see the flight sim market come back. Not with modern jets, but with the WWI and WWI aircraft that actually takes talent to fly. Games my be cyclic, but the bottom line will prevent many developers from taking risks on ideas. I agree that the small/indie developers will be the ones that continue the PC market. WOW in many ways may have set PC game development back as everyone is trying to cash in on that type of market. It is no different than all the RTS and FPS clones that come out after some game sets the world on fire. The main difference is the investment in MMORPG games.

    Again, my opinion is that PC games are on the decline as far as originality and quality. In the future that my change when some new game or genre makes lots of money, but it may be awhile.

  • The article says: The end of PC gaming, you should edit it to "the end of an era of PC gaming" . Second of all: you're absolutely right, There are too many WoW clones, too many shooters, too many "me too" games that either try to incorporate every feature from every game, or add a new "gimick" and some of them fall flat.  Though again, this is a problem with the industry as a whole, it's a problem that every industry inevitably rams into (too many Gerald Butler movies, no thank you). Like Forsberg said, it's basically in a lull, because these are, again, symptoms of the entire industry due to companies retracting from their losses. And, whether you accept it or not, the PC market alone is not large enough to stem these losses, in part due to piracy among other factors. But thats a generalization, its not to say the heavy hitting blockbusters aren't still there, and you also mentioned indie titles. It's true that among those their's one hell of a variety if your horizons are expanded far enough. And those games are deserving of your attention regardless of whether they are or not.


    Also, If you have any preferences towards exclusive titles, you might want to throw those pref. out the window...s.... get it?(zing!), because there are plenty of great experiences, maybe even more so for their PC equivalent. It is hard to say, because there are times when peoples views are justified (AC2 DRM? how I'm I supposed to play out on my dream laptop?), and sometimes it's just shameless nitpicking, I mean who would criticize Bioware or Valve for making crappy games because they have the term "multiplatform" on them, as if that's a bad word. So yeah, don't fret, 2010 will be a great year, hell I declare it the best time to get a PC (though ironically not the best time to afford one). I could definitely come up with a list of more than 20 games.

  • I will agree that my choice of wording may have not been accurate. PC gaming will continue, but in what fashion remains to be seen. Right now, developers are all jumping on the console bandwagon. PC gaming won't completely die, but it will become a more fringe market moving forward IMO.

  • @wtiger7:


    I see your concerns, but I don't think their entirely valid. Remember that we're in a recession, as much as I hate using the term. The big companies will retract (the ones that haven't gone bankrupt, mind you), because they feel they can't risk doing otherwise, and we have seen the reprecussions of that. There are still great games available to the PC, and great games for the PC,  companies just took their two lumps of tea from bugs bunny, can only hope those lumps heal, thats all.

  • no one likes to play on the pc anymore, they have all given in (and gotten addicted to) the xbox 360 and the ps3. they wouldn't waste their time on a dumb pc game that they have to LISTEN and READ. kids these days are just too lazy. they rather sit on their ass for 7 hours straight, glitching in call of duty insted of going outside and playing or something. anything that involves listening, reading, or writing kids will not do.

  • @Kevin Sim

    (HUGE GROAN)............

  • I only have a pc...I love playing on the pc which is why I haven't bothered to get a console at all. Not since my nintendo 64 anyway. In regards to your last statement though. Part of that falls on the parents. If the parents are fine just letting their kids mindlessly play away the day and do nothing else then that's too bad.

    You sound like you're hating on kids, but let's face it. They don't know any better. So if they don't have a role model step in and let them know there should be some moderation to their lifestyle, they're probably not going to do it.

    My parents made it clear to me that I can't just play the day away and I'm grateful to them for it. So kids can DEVELOP into being lazy but they are not 'just too lazy'.

    I don't know if you're a parent or not, but the fact is children just need a little direction every once and a while. That's what parents are supposed to be there for in the first place.

  • Many games are played on consoles. Just more sufficient that way for some reason. PC gaming is not ending though. It is true that consoles have had more to offer, but consoles are also cheaper than PC's. If your console crashes, you can get it fix or replaces quickly, and a computer gets outdated quickly. MMOs are big games, so you have to count that as PC gaming. but open your eyes. See how many people play games on Steam.

    If you spend thousands of dollars fixing up a gaming rig, SOME part is gonna get outdated in about 2 years. PC games are generally cheaper by at least 10 dollars, though.

  • drm can suck my butt

  • What Microsoft did to Ensemble Studios was just disgusting... hey guys make this game for us then we will shut you down alright??

  • Rubbish post. Go on Steam and you'll find hundreds of games to download, old and new.

    Speaking on that, I just bought L4D2. Pretty good game. Not to mention some games never get old, and there's mods for a bunch of games out there. HL2 mods are pretty dece.

    What's wrong with a console to PC port? I don't see a problem with that at all.

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  • Pshhh...It just started bro. Lol. Seriously.

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