Ok, so for all of you who may or may not have heard of it, CyberNations is located at : http://www.cybernations.net 

It is a simple browser game, enjoyable largely for the political aspects to the strategies, as well as the realism but simplicity of the actual game. Focusing on strategy and ignoring entirely the concept of graphics etc, its managed to have a lot of staying power, remaining (in my opinion) the best free-to-play browser game around. (especially in a nation simulator)

The issue is, I played until late 2008, then quit, and have just rejoined. In the interum a large number of the membership have departed and the games draw has become highly limited apparently.


My question to this esteemed gaming forum is this.


1)had you heard of the game and if so tried it?

2) does anyone know what happened to the game that it has shrunken so badly

3)does anyone know how to save a game that was dear to my heart?