So I came across this quite awile ago while it was in closed beta, in the last 6 months it became open and out of beta, and truly it is very very fun. I am not a fan of Pokemon, but i am a fan of the MMO Tibia, which is a big reason why this had caught my attention. It runs off the same basic structure as tibia, though it is about 100% custom, with the exception of a few graphics and such, which look nice in the game. It is custom enough to be considered its own game, and coming from a bunch of non professionals it is truly very high quality work. If you know of tibia, are a pokemon fan, or possibly even neither this game still may very much interest you. It brings my back to the days when i used to love pokemon and playing a quality pokemon MMO is actually very very fun! Its not crappy 3d, but rather a very pleasing 2d type game. Its hard to explain you really should check it out. Atleast give the website a look, see some screens and videos.


The url is

Its legit and it is not the pokemon online you may be thinking of that actually looks like a pokemon gameboy game. It really is much more than that


Now I know not everyone is into the same things so i'd appreciate not to be flamed or anything, but honestly even if you don't like pokemon it's worth atleast checking it out because it is pretty cool a group of freelance developers created this game pretty much from scratch, and it doesnt suck! It is pretty hard though, if you want to get good you gotta be a hardcore mmo player.