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Sonic Breach - First of a kind music driven, action game

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  • Hey, Everyone!

    We are Dreamteck - a video game and multimedia developer. We are a team of Bulgarian students which goes back a long time. Throughout the years we have worked on various projects across various media but our biggest aspiration has always been PC gaming. We have worked on many games with different engines and we are currently pouring our hearts and souls into our first, big, commercial project - the Unity-based 'Sonic Breach'.

    It is a first of a kind music driven, action, flying game with a strong storyline, which fallows a female human pilot in her struggle against an alien aggressor. 

    The Viborg are a mechanical race created by and modeled after a long extinct race of vibrational beings. Their only energy source is mechanical vibration, thus, to survive the soundless vacuum of space, they decompose every piece of matter they come across, feeding upon its vibrations. The humans have managed to replicate some of the Viborg's technology and implemented it in a handful of individuals. Thanks to our race's natural ability to make use of higher and more complex organizations of sound, those bio-augmented pilots are able to draw massive amounts of energy from... er... their favorite music, which allows them to be faster and stronger than the Viborg.

    The levels are linear and packed with tons of action. Checkpoints exist for those who cannot withstand the pressure of light speed flying and intensive dog fights. The non-music driven part of the gameplay resembles games like Afterburner or Starfox. You'll see a lot of mechanics, typical for the genre, redesigned and incorporated into Sonic Breach (like a power-up system or a ship customization platform). Concerning the music driven elements of the gameplay, we sought the best from games like Audiosurf or Beat Hazard and tried to take it to a much higher level. A specially designed audio analyzer reads much more aspects of a preloaded track than most of the other known music driven games. It allows us to create dynamic enemy behaviors, governed by different elements of the music (which you'll experience at best during boss fights) or a large set of weapons with different capabilities or power, each and everyone of which, based upon a different frequency. These are only a few examples of the music driven elements of the game but they suffice to give you the idea that, in order to beat the game, you must be not only mechanically proficient but also have sense of your music", as you have the possibility to change your armament.

    For more information about the game you can check the dedicated section on our site or the page on Facebook.

    We have no funding yet so we are working on our marketing in order to attract more people and be able to start our funding campaign on Indiegogo and, at a later point in, hopefully, get 'greenlit' on Steam.

    If you like us and want to follow our work check our WebsiteFacebookTwitter or join us on Youtube

    Finally, this is our first video. In this short vlog you'll get to meet some of the team members and take a peak at how the work on our game is going!
    Spread the word. Help us reach more people!

    Thank you for your time !

    Dreamteck - a Bulgarian Indie Developer

    Current project - Sonic Breach

  • Hello everyone! 

    We have some great news to share with you! Last week we had the possibility to take part at On!Fest. We've shown an early Beta- version of our game and we met other game studios in our country such as Ubisoft, Gameloft, Heamimont Bulgaria and others. 

    We think words aren't good enough to describe the expirience, so we made 3 short videos for each of the days on that festival.

    Day 0


    Day 1


    Day 2


    Thanks for watching :)

    Dreamteck - a Bulgarian Indie Developer

    Current project - Sonic Breach

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