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Zombie Panic! Source

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  • WOW if you guys want a good realistic zombie game to play, download Zombie Panic! Source through Steam. Zombie Panic! Source is a Half Life 2 mod and is free. It is one of the best zombie games i have ever played. I just got the orange box for my 360 and was thinking how awesome it would be to be able to get the zombie panic mod on my 360.

  • I played it, it's alright if you're tired of Left 4 Dead, or (like me) want a free Zombie game. There's a number of things wrong with this game, but the crazy thing is, only one of those problems is the Developer's fault. Most of the problems I've experienced have had the players at fault. This mod is very fun, but only when your teammates want to cooperate with you, if not, you'll be stuck playing as a not-so-fun zombie, and these Zombies aren't Hunters, they're pretty slow, and the extent of their power is scratching the survivors.

    Overall, it's alright.

  • It's OK. I downloaded it before getting Left 4 dead 2 and I got my share of zombie killing.

    There's a lot of Russians playing on there for some reason.


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