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GI PC Clan

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    So I remember the clan had some good times back in the day and thought I would revive this. Mainly because playing pc games by yourself is pretty boring. There is no set commitment or anything just a place for us all to mingle.

    Also I got a vent for us to use, it's for anyone that is playing games (welcome to you and friends). Though I ask that you not use it for your clans/guild/legion/whatever personal vent server.



    Password: pcgames

    Also if vent is to laggy let me know I will move server closer (right now it's in London)

  • Hooray. Lets play something in celebration.

  •  I added you on steam, I have quiet a bit of games so I'm up for whatever is installed on my computer.

  • Well on Steam I have CS, L4D, HL2, Synergy, Civ IV, Crysis Warhead

    Otherwise I have CoD 2, 4, 5, UT3, Crysis, Battlefield 2, 2142

  • Out of the games you listed I have CS:S, L4D, HL2, Civ4 (not installed), COD2,4,5, UT 4, Crysis, Battlefield 2 (not installed)

    I'm up for any of them really, well maybe not Civ 4, I remember me and gannon tried playing that multiplayer a couple of times and it took forever (also everyone teamed against me).

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