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Planetside 2 Dedication

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  • As a TR player on Matherson I generally refuse to even acknowledge this guy exists.  I have had to deal with him in command chat and he is a complete and total racist jerk who tries to play it off as if he is joking.  if you are or were (I think he has left) not part of his outfit he talked down you and was just generally an ahole.  The real shame is he actually is a really good player and his outfit had the numbers to be a very effective fighting unit.  It got to a point where other TR units refused to even work with his outfit.  He does seem to have toned it down some recently which is nice but he has burned a lot of bridges.  I guess what I am just saying, respect his numbers and skills but dont overly praise him.

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  • That's a bummer to find out that BuzzCutPsycho is not a friendly lad but I am not surprised.  It does sound like only one person plays on that account which is just mind boggling. 10 hours per day for 6 months solid is some fierce dedication. It's funny that the US Army and Air Force drone units have a tough time keeping their drone pilots from burning out sitting in front of monitors all day, 7 days a week but this fellow does it for fun haha!  I would easily play more than 2 hours per day if I had the time but sadly, I do not. I have you to thank for recommending this game, Palor. Saved me a ton of time sifting through crap to find the good stuff.

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