I was never heavily invested into the Warhammer 40k universe before 2 years ago. I saw my friends play DOW 1 when i was in high school but all i saw was something similar to Starcraft and no where near as good. During the steam summer sale of 2011 however i noticed them selling a bundle pack for all the Dawn of War II games. So in a rare instance i bought the pack without looking at reviews or anything, Turns out i enjoyed the games immensely. Smashing through the battle field with a squad of hardened space marines and fighting off Eldar and Tyranid made my day. As soon as i beat DOW II i plunged into the chaos rising campaign.  Tactical fights between my geared out blood angles and the forces of chaos continued to invest me further into the Warhammer 40k universe.  I wanted to know more about this universe and who these other evil marines were. I finished chaos rising and i have yet to  finish retribution. It was through the first two games though i delved into 40k and found a place of dark military scifi like nothing else.  So upon the investment of time and energy in reading the books and playing DOW II i found out THQ would be releasing a game simply titled "Space Marine". I  began digging through the internet to find out all i could about this game.  A third person Shooter/hack and slash hybrid that well, what else but put you in the boots of a space marine to battle the enemies of man kind. Orks, dameons, chaos marines all fell before my righteous fury. I  loved every second of it. sure it had it's flaws as a game but it was really the first time i felt anyone did the Warhammer 40k universe any type of Gaming justice. While playing DOW II i thought about how much fun it would be to be in full control of just 1 space marine on the battle field and Space Marine offered me that chance. After i beat Space Marine i would periodically check around to see if a sequel would be announced. shortly after though THQ announced their filing for chapter 11 and my dreams were shattered for a sequel. I did pay attention though while everything was being auctioned off and saw Sega pick up Warhammer but not the 40k side of the house. in March Slitherine studios and Games Workshop announced a new 40k title in the works. So far most details are under wraps and we have no idea what to expect other than it will most likely be a turn based strategy game. Which through all this brings me to my point of discussion. Is turn based strategy they way to go with Warhammer 40k?  I know it began as a table top game and continues to be successful with the miniature battles, but in the video game format wouldn't it make more sense to go to the explosive real time action of a third person or even maybe first person genre? I understand that the Turn based game play is keeping it close to the roots of Warhammer 40k which i get that old school die hard fans would like. What about being progressive with your universe and expanding it out to a different audience though? Space Marine i feel did that and in fact in an article recounting THQ's second quarter "According to Farrell, Warhammer titles tend to sell better in Europe, and since it is mainly a PC series, it tends to sell better through digital distribution. Space Marine posted positive physical sales as well, but the firm would not break down console versus PC sales when asked on a call to investors following the release of its financial report." (for the full article http://www.vg247.com/2011/11/02/thq-q2-12-sales-hit-146-million-digital-revenue-up-68-yoy/ )  this shows that people are interested in jumping into the bulky murderous power armoured body of a space marine.  My hope is that Games Workshop has noticed this and somewhere someone is working to continue the tale of space marine and maybe just maybe take a step back from the RTS and turn based style of Warhammer 40k games in give me the adrenaline pumping violence of another 3rd person shooter/hack and slash style game i crave.