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  • I posted this on my GI blog also but I wanted to get some feedback from other players. 


    EA is offering 1 of 8 free PC digital download games as an apology for the SimCity launch disaster.

    Let's take a look at this "apology":

    Title                                                                       Release Date     Price on Origin   Metacritic Score

    Dead Space 3 (SE)                                           2/5/2013              $29.99                   79

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted (SE)              10/30/2012         $24.99                   78

    SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition                                 1/14/2003            $19.99                  84

    Medal of Honor Warfighter (SE)                     10/23/2012         $14.99                   55

    Battlefield 3 (SE)                                               10/12/2011         $12.00                   89

    Bejeweled 3                                                       12/7/2010            $9.99                     82

    Mass Effect 3 (SE)                                            3/6/2012              $9.99                     89

    Plants vs Zombies                                            5/5/2009              $5.00                     87


    Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3 got great reviews and sold well. They have also been on the market a long time. Most players have already experienced those games that are going to. Very few lost sales for EA but they may reach a few new players with these great games.
    EA is not taking a lot of risk with this list. Let me break it down:

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Dead Space 3 both sold moderately well and had good-to-okay reviews. They are the newest and most expensive games on the list but still represent a relatively small lost sale value. EA is giving up the opportunity cost that one of the customers that picks NFS or DS3 would have purchased it in the near future for $29.99 and $24.99 respectively.

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter got horrible reviews and sold terribly. EA put the Medal of Honor franchise on hold after the performance of this game. There is nothing to lose by putting it on this list.

    Bejeweled 3 and Plants vs Zombies are both fun casual games that are also available on every console, tablet, and smartphone. You can even get them free in some places. These are put on the list because they know some of the SimCity market is the casual gamer and not the M-for-Mature crowd. They will lose very little revenue here and these games have been out for years already.

    SimCity 4 has been out for 10 years. It is still a great game and I played a lot of it leading up to the release of SimCity (2013). This one is obvious. If you don't like the new SimCity they are giving you the old tried-and-true version for free to scratch that itch. It has been out so long that there is very little revenue to be lost in new sales.


    I expected a little more from this. A few more newer titles at higher price points would have been nice. I own 6 of the 8 games already. I previously mention SimCity 4 but I own Mass Effect 3, NFS Most Wanted, Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360, Bejeweled for PC, and Plants vs Zombies on iPad. I played and disliked the beta for MoH:W and it got terrible reviews so I was left with only 1 real option. I picked Dead Space 3.

    This list was obviously selected with diversity of genre and target market in mind while limiting the potential lost sales for EA. There was no real risk to EA. No real pain. I believe in capitalism and I speak with my wallet. I returned my copy of the game. I have received a full refund from EA for SimCity and their apology didn't change my mind.


    What do you think of this "apology"?