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  • I have played most of them, I think all of them since Red Alert.  With the exception of C&C Generals I am not a huge fan.  I loved Generals would probably put it in a top 5 RTS list.  Back in the late 90s I think the C&C games were enjoyable but I think that was mostly because we did not know any better.

    In the past 10 years I think the RTS genera has changed a good bit.  You have games like Dawn of War 2 and Company of Heroes which mostly abandon base building.  You have Warcraft 3 which added in lots of RPG elements, SC2 which is the top dog esport.  Massive expanding RTS games the take up entire solar systems....etc,etc.  Well C&C is still mostly the same.  Mostly the same units, built out of mostly the same buildings, requiring mostly the same resources.  C&C 4 tried a few new things with their odd mobile bases that can only deploy certain units, and kudos to them for trying something new.  For me though it did not work.  I dont like instantly cutting the variety of units I can get by 1/2, but that is just me.

    All the negativity aside, I am carefully watching the new Bioware developed C&C game that was originally Generals 2 (I think that was dropped though, now it's online or something).  I would also say that the Origin bundle is worth the $30 price tag unless you already own many of the games.  Unfortunately it is the only place to get some of the games as they are not sold separately.