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Steam single-save games are driving me nuts

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  • Games usually store their save information locally on your hard drive. It's a little tedious, but you can backup your saved games on a flash drive or something, and just switch between them for each on of your children and yourself. Games usually keep them under 'My Documents' or in the STeam directory.

  • This isnt really the fault of the Steam, its the fault of the developers.  Steam just ties the game to the account they have nothing to do with in game profiles.  Valve cant just have multiple profiles able to access the same game, it would be insanely exploited.  Maybe I am wrong but I think for the multiple profiles to work on console doesn't it need to be a physical copy?

    Valve is actually working to resolve this with family sharing, it is currently in Beta but it would allow for multiple steam accounts to access 1 library.

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