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  • I had the same problem with the mouse not showing up on some games when i first got my computer. Come to find out my display was set to 150%. This made my mouse vanish on some games. If you go to the dashboard and right click then go to personalize, then click on the display tab. On mine a normal-100%, medium 125% and large 150% pops up. You have to have it on 100%. Hope it helps :)

  • Guessing you are running a laptop?  Also guessing that you are using Windows 8?

    It is hard to troubleshoot multiple games at the same time, especially with different issues.  Lets see a few things to try.

    1, make sure you dont have a controller plugged in for the mouse.  In a game like skyrim it removes the mouse curser till its unplugged.

    2, look for conflicting mouse driver issues.  If you are on a laptop you likely have default microsoft mouse drivers for the touch pad, if you are then trying a USB mouse it could cause an issue.

    3, game wont start is very vague.  Do they try to launch?  do you get any screen changes? Or nothing?

    4, is there any common occurrence when the game crashes?  Is it when the game is saving, or maybe loading into a new level.  Does it crash back to windows or reboot?

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